Publication Wing of PRCI Released its First Professional Book “COMMUNICATION PERSPECTIVES”

The  Publication wing of Public Relations Council of India released its first professional book “Communication Perspectives”  on 21st Oct 2020 at the Century club in the midst of B.R.Lakshman Rao, the renowned Author, who inaugurated the publication  wing. 
Shri. Shivayogi C. Kalasad, IAS, Managing Director , KSRTC  released the first copy in the presence of esteemed Media persons and. Dr. K. R. Venugopal, Vice Chancelor, Bangalore University  presided the function.

This book has been mainly brought out to highlight the immense literary knowledge and practical case studies available in the Indian PR sector  and  henceforth reducing our dependency on Foreign Source and material.

Speaking at the function Mr B.R. Lakshman Rao said “PRCI is   imparting  knowledge in an informative society. Literature is also a form of communication and PRCI can join hands by stretching its activities”.

Shri. Shivayogi C. Kalasad, IAS, Managing Director, KSRTC  said “ Information overload has led to unnecessary trends, which has to be tackled with sensible Communication  and PRCI has a big role to make it meaningful”.
Dissemination of right information at right time and responsible information is the need of the day, that’s where the role PR comes in. 

 Mr. M. B. Jayaram, Chairman, Emeritus, PRCI said “It’s yet another milestone in the history of PRCI and our publications are going to be a reference material for future learning in the domain of Public Relations’’.

S. Narendra, the Editor- in – Chief remarked “PRCI has begun a new journey in to the key area of publishing books and let this initiative continue successfully”.

Dr Venugopal said “PR Industry is changing rapidly and we hope diversity in communication with ethics and standardized writing will continue to be the crux of Education”. 

G.N.Mohan , the Associate Editor and publisher of the book remarked   “In the globalisation era technological advances has led to more concentrated informative society. But mere information is not knowledge. So PRCI through such publications can  impart  knowledge in an informative society.”

Dr. Latha.T.S , Chairperson, Bangalore Chapter, was the spokesperson of the entire event.
The function was attended by elite PR practitioners, Press and general public

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