Sri.Mallanagouda Biradar Patil (M.Tech.) Appointed as National President for All India Panchamsali Lingayat Mahasaba, ITBT Unit

Appointment of Mallanagouda Biradar Patil (M.Tech.) as National President for All India Panchamsali Lingayat Mahasaba, ITBT Unit.
Mallanagouda hails from Vijayapura district Devarhipparagi Taluk Korwar village and heads the “Akhila Bharat Lingayat Panchamasali Mahasabha ITBT Wing”. An active RSS Volunteer, BJP Member and a progressive academician of Higher Education, Semiconductor Technology and Aerospace Technology Industry Veteran, Engineering Post Graduate in Digital Electronics and having vast international (USA and Europe) technical and management experience for more than a decade. Served as Sr. Director and Technology Advisor and also served many technical and leadership positions in MNCs in Delhi and Bangalore. He was an aspiring candidate for 2018 Karnataka Assembly election ticket from BJP from Muddebihal or from Devar-Hipparagi constituency of Vijayapura district. Has been serving as President and Director of Educational Institutes.
His report cum proposal focused on strengthening the digital infrastructure through decentralization of IT and BT hubs from Bangalore to tier-II and tier-III cities of Karnataka and enabling remote and distributed labour. In addition to this, he brought to the notice of State and Central Governments with the best interest of ITBT professionals, Students and Youths and also for hardworking farmers to focus and take appropriate actions on main important new initiatives such as
“Retain Directorate of Sugar in Belagavi”, “Shift Head Quarters of Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam Limited to Alamatti”, “Work from Home model facility for ITBT Professionals”, Extend and Establish Agricultural/Horticultural War Rooms across the state in all Agricultural/Horticultural Universities and Agricultural/Horticultural colleges”, “Decentralizing the IT & BT sectors in Bangalore city into mainly 6 zones across the state of Karnataka” preferably Kalaburgi, Vijayapur, Belagavi, Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore and Mysore, “To make India as Global Electronics Manufacturing Hub” preferably at Alamatti outskirt area of Vijayapur district, “Effective Communication Skills” workshop for students and staff, “Personality Development Program” for students and staff. He is aspiring to create a new footprint for higher Education, Commerce and Industry.
In response to his continuous efforts on the above mentioned quite useful and important new initiatives, a new IT Policy approved by the State Government of Karnataka in order to promote and facilitate the growth and production of Electronics System Design and Semiconductor sectors, has dished-out special incentives in the form of subsidies, reimbursements and tax-benefits. This Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) policy came into existence under the watchful eyes of Karnataka’s Chief Minister, B.S Yeddiyurappa Ji, and DCM & Minister of IT, BT, Science & Technology Dr. Ashwathnarayan Ji. The origins of this policy could be traced back to an in-depth analysis and proposal of a hard-core Digital Technology strategist.
As per his analysis which is based upon fact-finding and thorough research; a lot of undue pressure is being exerted upon Bangalore’s infrastructure. According to a survey, Bangalore has Four-fifths of global IT companies and their India operations and R&D centers making it the fourth largest technology cluster in the world. This factor has not only brought great infrastructure to the state of Karnataka, but it also comes at the expense of clogging up an entire city through increased flow of work-population. Along with the rise in work force come the ill-effects of sky-rocketing real-estate prices, mounting traffic woes and also the spiking up of cost of living. The Covid-19 pandemic has only proven that uber-strong cities like Bangalore becoming dysfunctional can actually break the spine of an entire state, because they have been burdened with the baggage of almost all big businesses.
After careful analysis and several discussions with the brightest minds in the fields of IT, BT, finance, and policy making, Mallanagouda and his team of experts identified decentralization to be the most effective strategy. This two-pronged strategy, Not only takes unnecessary burden off Bangalore’s shoulder, but it also helps tier-2 and tier-3 zones of Karnataka These proposed zones could help to solve Bangalore’s mounting problems of surplus and additionally provide over 60 lakhs direct and indirect jobs providing relief to mounting cases of unemployment.
Mallanagouda’s efforts to shed light upon the EDSM sector had a very positive impact as the Karnataka Cabinet cleared a special incentive scheme for the ESDM sector. Thanks to this new policy, investments in Non-Bangalore zones will get a capital investment subsidy of 25% on land and 20% on plant and machinery. They will also receive a 100% cash-back on stamp duty and registration charges and land conversion fee. Investors will also get 1% of annual turnover as a production-linked incentive for five years, including for investments that will go into expanding existing units. The announcement of this policy has indeed brought a great sense of joy amongst the commoners and industrialists alike. Mallanagouda is in the process of corresponding with the central government furthering his ideas of infrastructure developments in the EDSM sectors. He believes that the results achieved in Karnataka in this sector can definitely be replicated to other Indian states and bring prosperity to the entire country.
His fans are delighted to have been inspired by the day-to-day work of Mallanagouda, who has created a team of highly qualified technocrats to focus on and embrace the various people development projects. His fans have congratulated him with a heartfelt greeting, confident that he will be able to handle the responsibilities entrusted to him.

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