Flatheads launches Aurea: India’s first sneakers with natural Bamboo uppers

Made in India, the casual all-day shoes are designed to stay cool in India’s tropical climate

Available in 5 different colours: Pepper, Treebark, Marine, Tofu and Slate

Bangalore, November 9th 2020 : Indian D2C footwear brand, Flatheads, today unveiled India’s first sneaker collection made with natural bamboo uppers. The new collection titled ‘Aurea’, comprises a range of all-day sneakers, available exclusively on http://www.flatheads.in.

Aurea’s debut puts Flatheads on the map with some of the world’s leading brands making bamboo sneakers, such as Baubax and Cariuma. While most of these brands are difficult to source in India without burning a hole in your pocket, the premium bamboo sneakers from Flatheads are moderately priced at Rs. 4995. The brand is “Made in India for the world”, being the first Indian brand making world-class sneakers with bamboo uppers.

The Aurea rangeis designed to stay cool on the feet, and is perfect for India’s tropical climate. Moreover, the bamboo fibre also lends its antimicrobial properties to the uppers, making them great for all day wear, for over 14 hours at a stretch. The sneakers are designed to be minimalistic, modern and elegant, in order to blend in easily with its audience’s ever-evolving wardrobe. The collection is also extremely lightweight, breathable, comfortable and durable, with the added benefits of being cool and sweat resistant over long-duration wear.The Aurea range is available in 5 fresh colours, Pepper (a black and grey melange on black soles), Treebark (brown on white soles), Marine (blue on white soles), Tofu (cream on brown soles), and Slate (dark grey on black soles)

A pioneer in premium natural fibres sneakers, the Flatheads brand aims to make everyday sneakers more comfortable, sustainable, and durable for the urban post-millennial consumer. The brand recently gained popularity amongst the start-up community in India, being sported by some of the leading names such as PankajChaddah, Co-founder of Zomato; Naveen Tewari, Founder and CEO of InMobi and Rajiv Srivatsa, Co-Founder of Urban Ladder amongst others.

Speaking on the launch of the Flatheads Aurea, Utkarsh Biradar, CEO, Flatheads, said, “When we started Flatheads, our vision was to offer customers the ultimate in comfort, reflecting their individuality and sense of everyday style. We differentiated ourselves in the market by championing all-day wear sneakers that were extremely lightweight and breathable. Moving into natural fibres was the logical next step for us to sustain our vision, while still maintaining the premium quality of our products. Despite the crowded footwear market in India, no other brand is using natural fibres like bamboo in sneakers. We decided it was time to change that and use India’s superior quality bamboo to its full potential.”

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