Fanzart Launches Ultra-Luxurious Champagne Gold-Plated Fandelier

Bengaluru, November 12, 2020: Fanzart, India’s foremost creators of luxury fans launched their ultra-luxurious Champagne Gold Fandelier (fan and chandelier) with their patented high vortex blades and pure gold plating, at a press conference here today.

Speaking on the launch of the Champagne Gold Fandelier, Anil Lala, Founder and Managing Director, Fanzart says, “The Champagne Gold fan is an exclusive fandelier for the discerning few. Spending more time at home is the new norm considering the ongoing situation in the world. Comfort coupled with good looks is expected of functional décor elements such as fandeliers. The Champagne Gold Fandelier offers silent, yet efficient cooling with its patented vortex blades that displace 8000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air and comes with a Brushless DC Motor (BLDC motor). Our unique summer-winter feature makes this an ideal option for dining rooms and during winters when air circulation is a priority over cooling. The fan uses only 22 watts of electricity, making it power-efficient as well”.

Perfect match for several interior mood boards: This 3-blade, remote controlled fan, comes with a light kit, offering multiple illumination options. The regal champagne gold colour makes it a perfect match for several interior mood boards – Neo-Classic, Eclectic, Hollywood Glam, Victorian and Bohemian among others. The fandelier also comes with Fanzart’s unique summer- winter feature – that combines clockwise and anti-clockwise movements to provide a cool breeze and cosy warm air effect. This makes the fan ideal for placement above dining tables. It can also be placed in living rooms, drawing rooms, family areas, walk- in wardrobes, and other spaces.

Speaking on the design of the Champagne Gold Fandelier, Tarun Lala, Executive Director, Fanzart says, “Besides seamless functioning, we have placed intense focus on the looks of the fandelier. The Champagne Gold colour makes it an easy match to most interior design themes and colour palettes. The gold plating gives it a chic and luxurious touch. The lighting strips offer LEDS in warm light, daylight, and white light options match the user’s needs. All three options come with a dimmer option. This functional décor elements fits perfectly in most interior design schemes”. Fanzart’s Champagne Gold Fandelier is priced at Rs 1.50 lakh and will be available at or 78 showroom locations across India.

Technical Details

*Chandelier fan (non-crystal) *Patented Vortex Blades 8000 CFM. *Bright LED strip with 3 colours of LED – Warm light, Day light, White light with dimmer. *Powered by Brushless DC motor (BLDC motor). Absorbs only 22 watts of power. *High-quality remote control for convenience. *Blade Material – 3 blades, 5D Vortex ABS *Blade Mechanism – Regular *Blade Size -22 inches *Sweep – 558 mm / 22 in *Motor Spec – 153 x 12 mm DC *Height of Fan: 559 mm / 22 in *Additional features: Summer Winter Feature

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