When comedy of errors turned into ‘A Simple Murder’Premiers on November 20th exclusively on SonyLIV

National, 18th November 2020
“We risk all in being too greedy” goes a famous saying. And this is what defines the life of Manish, a, a middle-class dweller fighting hard to save a failed marriage. While hunting for an investor for his business idea that can shoot up his fortune, Manish knocks on the wrong door and his life flips upside down. Post the astounding success of Scam 1992, SonyLIV brings to you its next offering in the multi- starrer ‘A Simple Murder’. In a fine blend of humour and thrill, the series unleashes a riveting dark comedy over seven episodes on 20th November.
Directed by Sachin Pathak and written by Prateek Payodhi, A Simple Murder is a multi-strand dark comedy where greed supersedes a bunch of messed up characters and entangle them in a chain of events uncalled for. Irked by the monotony of their daily lives or in aspiration of securing a safe future, these people from contrasting worlds cross paths and risk it all to do the unthinkable to attain a better life. This series has been produced by JAR Pictures and rides high on Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sushant Singh and Amit Sial’s unparalleled performances, quirky dialogues and a complete dramedy of a common man.
Also starring Priya Anand, Yashpal Sharma, Gopal Datt and Ayaz Khan amongst others, A Simple Murder makes for a perfect binge-watch this, starting 20th November only on SonyLIV.
Saugata Mukherjee, Head- Original Content, SonyLIV
“As a genre, dark comedies promise potential but are largely underserved in the OTT category. Post Kadakh which received encouraging reviews, A Simple Murder is our second offering in this space and reinstates our belief in churning out differentiated content to our viewers. With an amazing cast and a nail-biting narrative, we hope this series opens to a positive response from audience as well.”
Sachin Pathak, Director
“What drew me to A Simple Murder is its story, the diversity of characters and its relevance. The series dwells in a space, not much explored on the web and thus is novel in its approach. I am thankful to my cast – a fine mix of age and experience for delivering such stupendous performances and making filming look so easy. Shooting amidst lockdown was another riveting experience and I hope the efforts come alive onscreen.”
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Actor
“Playing the character ‘Manish’ was definitely new and exciting for me. He is someone who is low on self-confidence and constantly striving to find a sense of dignity and respect throughout his journey. This character gave me a chance to be someone new, different from the characters I have played earlier and I had a lot of fun playing him. We are extremely excited to see how this turns out and we are hoping for the best!”

Sushant Singh, Actor
“I have always believed in playing characters that add value to the story, break the mold, and allow me to explore a finer nuance in me as an actor. A Simple Murder struck a chord for its fast-paced script that offered the right mix of character building and humor. The show also gave me an opportunity to work with some seasoned actors and I definitely had an enriching experience.”
Ajay Rai, Founder and Producer JAR Pictures
“Riding on a talented ensemble of actors, A Simple Murder chronicles the life of a common man, jumbled in a series of co-incidences. We, at JAR Pictures are extremely thrilled to collaborate with SonyLIV and add weightage to their celebrated slate of originals. The series was shot amidst the pandemic and I am thankful to the artists and the team at SonyLIV for their incredible support. SonyLIV has been churning out some great content back to back and I hope we are able to replicate a similar appetite for this one.”

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