3 Ways To Steer Away Post Diwali Oiliness With Aureana’s Purité Range

Welcome to your post Diwali skin. After all the dressing up and minimalistic makeup approach, the only thing that we have attained is pretty oily skin. Now come on, don’t make blotting paper your best friend. What you need is a skincare regime that promises to keep all the oiliness at bay.

With the confusion reigning high on the innumerable products and the oh-so many tips that your friends might give, to that influencers content that you found relatable that might cure the oiliness. After all the toiling and moiling and after reaching a consensus, let’s give our skin a much needed breather. With tips like, “washing your face and using an astringent to apply water based products being our soulmates, let’s give a natural approach to our skin.

With Aureana’s Purité range, we bring to you a post Diwali indulgence that will steer oily skin away. Having special oil control properties, these products will make your skin free from the oily glands that are transfixed on your nose and cheeks, making your skin smooth, supple and shiny.

Purité Oil Control Face Wash: Purité Oil Control Face Wash has special oil control properties that prevents, reduces acne and acne scars. With strong anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting and purifying agents, they help make the skin smooth, clear and oil-free. Infused with Neem extracts and Aloevera juice, it heals the skin and keeps it moisturized. It also acts as a sebum- regulator that maintains oil production preventing acne and blackheads.

Priced at: 699/-

Available at: https://www.auricbeauty.com/purite/Purit%C3%A9-Oil-Control-Face-Wash

Purité Acne Dissolver Gel: Purité Acne Dissolver Gel has an advanced technology ingredient specially designed to fight signs and extreme cases of acne. Acts as an effective exfoliant that penetrates the skin and reduces acne. Its antibacterial agent heals the skin giving you a radiant glow.

Priced at: 1499/-

Available at: https://www.auricbeauty.com/purite/Purit%C3%A9-Acne-Dissolver

Purité Oil Control Day Cream: Purité Oil Control Day Cream has astringent properties that helps minimize pores and reduce the growth of bacteria, thereby leaving the skin blemish free and purified. With Green tea extract, the most powerful antioxidant that acts as an antibacterial agent, It detoxifies the skin and decreases excess sebum production. Infused with Calendula extract that has antiseptic properties which helps treat and prevent acnes, making the skin smooth, tight and radiant.

Priced at: 1499/-

Available at: https://www.auricbeauty.com/purite/Purite-Oil-Control-Day-Cream

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