Ozone Shelters fined 10 lakh by the courts on customer complaint

Bengaluru, 4thJanuary, 2021: The growing real estate mafia has been taking prospective home seekers for a ride by not delivering homes as per agreed terms and conditions. This is case which has been fought for seven years but the owner won it hands down as he had all points going in his favour.

The 4th additional Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (CDRC) Bengaluru has penalized Ozone Shelters Pvt Limited Rs 10 Lakh (Rupees ten lakhs) for a complaint raised by Devaraj Sharma. The apartment cost was a little over Rs 30 lakhs while the builder promised him to handover in May 2011 with a grace period of three months. The builder kept on delaying the project with new agreement terms which showed that the intentions were not right and was cheating the customer. The customer in this casepaid all money as per terms but failed to move into new house due to the developer’s lackadaisical approach. . The seven year battle with Ozone Shelters came to end finally with the advent of New Year.

The developer used various excuses to evade the delivery of finished home to the customer blaming it on supply issues of raw material, strikes, labour issues, price issues, non availability of material etc. This was questioned by courts diligently for which the developer had no answers.

Hailing the CDRC order A M Iktear Uddin (Anik), Advocate High Court of Karnataka stated, “Being a lawyer is a chance to represent someone who needs help. This order is a testament to the tenacity of our team here at Prime Legal, we stood with our client and fought the case for 6 and a half years and finally, and justice is served. This is a wake-up call to those who think that they can evade the law because of delays in court process. The stringent laws with the best mind at its place have to take care of any delay in delivery of flats to safeguard the interest of the aggrieved”.

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