CII Karnataka Welcomes the Growth-Oriented Budget 2021

Mr. Sandeep Singh, CII Karnataka Chairman, welcomed the budget stating it as a growth-oriented, consumption-oriented budget focusing on job creation. The budget has allocated funds to all key sectors while giving emphasis on infrastructure development. I think this is the right step towards reviewing the economy. Overall, the budget is focused on optimal usage of all the resources. He also said that recapitalization is a good step. Allocation of funds are at the right places however the timely implementation is required by the government.

Mr. Amit Kumar CII Zonal Chairman, Mysore & Mr. Prakash Kalbavi, CII Zonal Chairman, Mangalore welcomed the budget saying that the budget has everything for every citizen. There has been huge allocation for the sectors of power and infrastructure. Health & Vaccination is the major focus of the government. Focus on skills, training, innovation, R&D, simplification of GST, and announcement on contract labor will help the industries in tier-II cities

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