“12 Disciples (12 Apostles)” – Production Meet

Mr. Althap Hamed, Founder of Media Times which was established in 1984 and they are members of Tamil Film Producers Council , Film Chamber of Commerce, Telugu Film Pro- ducer’s council, Chennai Tiruvallur Kanchipuram Film Distributors Association, South Indian Film and Television Producers Guild, Film Writers Association , FEFSI and South Indian dubbing Artist Union.

On this devine Production Meet of “12 Disciples (12 Apostles)” Mr. Althap Hamed said ” I am very happy to see you all here who made time for us and attending the meet, I thank each and every one of you. Speaking about the movie 12 Disciples, It is a Indian International Film which will be releasing in world languages, this movie will be history making movie while this type of films have come but of any one disciple but we are challening and making our dream project which shows 12 Disicples in the same movie. When I discussed about this project to madam Dr. Regina Seelan she told me that she will stand with me and will complete this devine project succesfully. All we need is now your support.”

Mr. Nagarajan Thulasingam, born in Tindivanam Tamil Nadu and has graduation in B.sc, D.F.Tech, he has done three movies which is ARAVINDHAN starring Sarath Kumar Parthiban, Nagma, Oorvasi, Prakash Raj, Thilagan, Anandha Raj, Visu. AGARAM starring Nandha, Archana, Bijumenon, Vivek, Raj kapoor and VANDHE MAATHARAM(bilangual tamil & malayalam) starring Mamutty, Arjun, Sneha, Deepak Jetty, Rajkapoor Nasar

While delevering Director Speech, Mr. Nagarajan Thulasingam said As you know I have done three movies Aravindhan, Agaram and Vandhe Maatharam but this 12 Disciples is a very special movie in my career it is a Indian Inter- natitional as producer said and it will be releasing in World languages as im very eager to start the project as it was mentioned shoot will commence from April and we are looking for your support.

Dr. Regina Seelan, President/Chief Functionary of Salve Regina Charitable Trust, Member of Red Cross Society, Vice Chairperson of Bengaluru Central District Congress Committee Minority Department and she is also Vice President, Women’s Wing of Interna- tional Human Rights Action Committee.

Dr. Regina Seelan said Today we all are gathered here to welcome our producer Mr. Althap Hameed and our director Mr. Natarajan Thulasingam of the movie called 12 Apostles of Christ Jesus. I thank Mr. Althap Hameed who has given me an opportunity to be a part of this production meet to explain about this project. When I met Mr. Althap Hameed regarding the project it was wonderful and my pleasure to be a part of this movie. As this is to be filmed in 6 different languages and with a high budget with top actors in the industry.

I would request you all to be a part by either financially or morally. I expect you all to give your valuable suggestions in any form to make the outcome to be glorious. Anticipating your endorsement I would like to conclude my presentation before you.

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