Adhyas Software Pvt. Ltd., Chennai today launched “OIC”, an end-to-end digital platform built specifically for the optical industry

Adhyas Software Pvt. Ltd., Chennai today launched “OIC”, an end-to-end digital platform built specifically for the optical industry. Packed with a series of apps, OIC digitally connects OEMS, brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, optometrists, eye hospitals, doctors and end consumers.

At the core of the platform is the Virtual Mirror, a live 3D try-on app for the consumer, which has an Al powered recommendation engine that suggests various eyewear options, which can be captured, compared and posted on social media directly. A first in the Industry, OIC lens simulator digitally demonstrates the visual see through effect for various types of lens, coating etc.

A multi-channel CRM, Online Marketplace and PoS system helps digitise the retail trade to make it more effective, efficient and personal for the consumer. Digital Inventory Management with virtual inventories helps improve rotations and cash flows for the trade. Retallers get their own personalized website with branding and digital marketing options to improve walk-ins. The platform also allows manufacturers and wholesalers to discover B2B customers and expand their reach, thereby accelerating growth through a digital distribution network. Brands can leverage the network to digitally push promotions, offers and targeted advertising.

“This is an INR 40,000 Cr industry and growing. There are over 2.5 lakh retail stores in India, and many of them have built a loyal consumer base over the years. Unlike other categories, eyewear still needs a physical store for personalized fitment, alignment, servicing etc. Consumers prefer a personalized digital experience. OIC will fill this gap.”

The spokesperson added “OIC is for democratising technology to enable local commerce through a digitally connected network of standalone stores. We already have over 2,000 downloads of our beta version and hope to achieve a 10,000 strong network of retailers with one million consumers in the next 18 to 24 months”. for more details.

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