Vikram Hospital ties up with MGM Healthcare, Chennai for Heart & Lung Transplant and Contemporary Heart Failure Management

  • Program for contemporary heart failure management
  • Cross-listing of potential transplant patients in both states will help optimal utilization of donor organs

BENGALURU / March 16, 2021 : Vikram Hospital has tied up with MGM Healthcare, Chennai to establish state-of-the-art program for Heart -&-Lung Transplant and contemporary heart failure management. This will be a boon to Karnataka patients suffering from end-stage heart or lung failure.

Heart failure services at Vikram Hospital will be led by Dr. Ranganath Nayak, Senior Consultant Cardiologist. The team from MGM Healthcare, under the guidance of Dr. KR Balakrishnan, Director, Institute of Heart & Lung Transplant & Mechanical Circulatory Support, , will provide expertise for patient management at all stages, including pre-operative, intra-operative, intensive care and follow-up. The heart-lung transplant team at MGM Healthcare, led by Dr. KR Balakrishnan, has successfully performed over 400 heart and lung surgeries till date.

Said Dr. Somesh Mittal, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru: “Vikram Hospital has been providing world-class quaternary care for the patients across India for more than 10 years. Dr KR Balakrishnan and team of MGM Healthcare have more than three decades of experience in heart & lung transplant. The people of Karnataka will benefit immensely with this tie-up. At the same time, cross-listing of potential transplant patients in both states will help optimal utilization of donor organs.”

He added“We envision a multidisciplinary approach for management of heart failure patients including cardiology, cardiac surgery, anesthesia and critical care, rehabilitation, nutritional care as well as psychosocial support. We will be providing entire range of treatment modalities including medical management, device therapies such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization therapy and combo devices, short and long-term ventricular assist devices and heart transplant. We are already equipped with state-of-the art equipment and when complimented by the expertise from MGM, we hope to provide the best possible care for our patients.”

Said Dr KR Balakrishnan, Director, Institute of Heart & Lung Transplant and Mechanical Circulatory Support, MGM Healthcare, Chennai: “Our clinical team at MGM Healthcare will be working closely with the clinical team at Vikram Hospital to establish the heart and lung transplant and heart failure management programs. Medical technology and treatment protocols have greatly evolved over the past few years. Ensuring that patients get the best that medical science has to offer is our primary goal.”

Dr Suresh Rao K G, Co-Director – Institute of Heart and Lung Transplant & Mechanical Circulatory Support and HOD – Cardiac Anesthesia added, “We provide advanced medical care, especially for those with serious and critical cardiac and pulmonary-related conditions who are unable to cope up with normal life, even with maximum possible medical treatment.”

Dr. Ravikumar R, Sr. Consultant & Associate Clinical Lead -Cardiology & Heart Failure Program said “ The heart failure is the under recognized problem in India. The quality of life and longevity of end stage heart failure patients who are not responding to conventional therapy can be improved by advanced procedures like heart transplant and Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD

Said Harish Manian, CEO, MGM Healthcare, Chennai: “We run India’s largest heart and lung transplant program and have decades of experience and expertise in the domain as well as in mechanical circulatory support program. Vikram Hospital is known for its clinical talent in cardiology, cardiac surgery and pulmonology. It was natural for both of the hospitals to establish a partnership to offer a world-class heart-and-lung transplant program for the people of Karnataka.”

Added Harish Manian: “MGM Healthcare is India’s leading hospital today for heart-lung transplant and heart failure management. we have been consistently delivering better patient outcomes by investing in best clinical expertise, advanced technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This partnership with Vikram Hospital will further our collective cause of providing better healthcare facilities in a country that has a high mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease.”

Talking about the importance of a lung transplant program, Dr. KS Satish, Consultant Pulmonologist & Chest Physician, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru said: “People in India are largely unaware of the extent of the problem so far as lung diseases are concerned. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the second commonest cause of death after heart disease. India is home to one-third of the world’s COPD patients. More than a million people die of COPD every year. To add to this, many patients have suffered from permanent lung damage due to COVID-19. Many of these patients are potentially treatable by lung transplant, allowing them to live longer with a good quality of life. While patients with lung disease will be under the care of our lung team, transplant procedures would be a team effort between Vikram Hospital and MGM Healthcare.”

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