SALVE REGINACHARITABLE TRUST Organised COVID19- Awareness programme at Velankanni

Awareness Program By
We from Salve Regina Charitable Trust, had been to velankanni to spread awareness on corona virus and also on cleanliness.

As we had taken over a beggars colony we got an opportunity to donate Blankets and tarpaulins for shelter. Also we had also
opened a tuition centre for under privileged children gave hope to them on perusing studies also gave them awareness on corona
virus and cleanliness

On this occasion health inspector of velankanni had joined us on this occasion and also gave his part of cleanliness awareness to
the beggars and advised on health check ups and maintaining distance when they are around public and also among their

This awareness programme was successfully concluded by us on offering lunch to children in tuition centre and beggars in their

We from “Salve Regina Charitable Trust” have stepped out to several place on conducting Awareness programmes to each and
every on for their beautiful and better life.

You can contact us to conduct any kind of Awareness programmes
near you we would love to give and spread awareness to the people of this world.

Dr. Reginaseelan – +91 96327 29956.

-Alwin Nelson J
+91 9035148803.

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