Generic Aadhaar Reached Exclusively as Medicine Reliever in Bangalore when India again got Hit by Covid-19 Tsunami Wave…

Bangalore, April 27, 202119years old , Arjun Deshpande’s Generic Aadhaar is a rapidly growing Indian Pharma Company starts its Exclusive Retail Franchise Medical Store in 24th main near Nandhini Delux, JP Nagar, Phase-6, Bengaluru also known as “Bangalore City”. When the world was gradually healing from the Corona Virus pandemic early this year but now the situation is more likely changed and seems devastated to witness the worsening of covid crisis in India. Many have lost their lives due to the critical situations of not getting the required medicines and injections on time where the demand has risen higher to topmost and supply is limited. Thus, Generic Aadhaar has encouraged the Women Entrepreneurs also to join the impactful Mission of being job creator then being the job seeker…

To Join our AATMANIRBHAR GENERIC AADHAAR Mission call now: 9653373636

Where Generic Aadhaar have distributed life Saving “REMDESIVIR INJECTION” for free of Cost, when some were making money out of this heartfelt situation. Setting a better healthcare’s vision for India at this young age and to stand with the people gives a right courageous example for the future of India. The Young Founder did not stop here he also distributed the “FREE FIRST AID KIT” to the Frontline Workers the Covid Warriors Maharashtra Police Officers who works for hours in the hot climate & Safe guards the Citizens from Infringement in the city. Generic Aadhaar medical stores across India will sooner get the Good Quality with Highest Discounted Medical Store of LIFE SAVING MEDICINES and promises to provide more 500+ stores in the Bengaluru City and many more in the State of Karnataka.

The Innovative Pharma Venture was Started by 16yrs young Mr. Arjun Deshpande, is India’s youngest entrepreneur founded and named Generic Aadhaar, back in 2018 from Mumbai Maharashtra & also the venture is supported and backed by renowned Industrialist Mr. Ratan Tata Sir himself. Generic Aadhaar is a Pharma Venture that Provides highest Discount up to 80-90% on Medicines which will be beneficial for people of Bengaluru and will result in Saving their harden money on Life Saving Drugs. Generic Aadhaar will Definitely help Common man’s monthly budget in this very tough covid crisis.

As per statistics, about 60% of Indians cannot afford to buy their daily medicines, gauging the market requirements, he already visualised the old traditional pharma industry to be changed as it was the need of the hour and emerged as a change Maker for betterment. He has the ability and courage to do something out of the box he was solely on the mission of making medicines available to every Indian at affordable price. After the business buzz and several Free Health check-up campaigns about the young founder’s Venture the great business entrepreneur Mr. Ratan Tata noticed and got impressed to joined hands with him to support his vision of unique and Innovative Pharma Venture for providing better Healthcare in India. Now, they are on Same Mission.

Generic Aadhaar Founder Mr. Arjun Deshpande said while Virtually Inaugurating Bangalore Store…. “I feel proud and will not stop to serve the nation on their right to get lifesaving drugs with easy availability with affordability. We are focusing on providing Job Opportunities by providing entrepreneurship through our franchise stores across India and we are aiming to provide Good Quality Generic Medicines for people of Bangalore. I promised to start 500+ stores in the City in few months. We are here for the People and appealing all Indians to choose generic medicines which are good in quality and efficacy and are much effective as they are approved drugs. Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic has taught us a Lesson that “Health is the biggest Wealth “. Also feeling Energised when Women of India is Coming forward in our Mission and Being known as an Independent Women Entrepreneur in the Locality…. he Concluded.

Generic Aadhaar Master Franchise Bengaluru city (South and East Zone) Mrs Nisha Tondon….” It’s a Privilege to be part of this innovative impactful mission, also feels honour to be independent women entrepreneur now. This was only because of the Young Entrepreneur Mr Arjun Deshpande Sir who has given us the opportunity of heading in the Bengaluru city (South and East Zone) for the betterment of People living in the Locality. Definitely this innovative idea should reach out to all Indians, Iam Proud to associate today with the rapidly growing Pharma Company Generic Aadhaar.”

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