Muthoot Finance initiates a vaccination drive in Karnataka

Bangalore, May 2021: Muthoot Finance is India’s largest gold loan NBFC. The company has initiated a COVID-19 vaccination support project through its mobile laboratory Muthoot Snehasraya in association with team that will provide vaccination drives in Karnataka. ‘Muthoot Snehasraya’ is a CSR initiative of Muthoot Finance Ltd, intended for prevention, early detection and awareness of Kidney related diseases and for supporting dialysis patients by financial aid. is a platform for vaccinations of children and adults at home, corporates at offices, communities and schools.

Muthoot Finance aims to help the underprivileged 45+ segment to get vaccinated and encourages vaccination to build a protective shield that will help in fighting against the second-wave of COVID-19. This initiative will be carried out free of cost.

Mr. George M Alexander Muthoot, Executive Director, Muthoot Finance said, “The core objective of Muthoot Finance Snehasraya project is to protect and get the underprivileged vaccinated for free. We will expand this vaccination project to other states in the upcoming months.”

Muthoot Finance is extending vaccination drives through Muthoot Snehasraya mobile laboratory with the help of which will be providing COVID-19 vaccines at the doorstep across several areas in Karnataka.

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