“The Society will question your reputation, but it will believe your defamation without question.” – Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

We the doctors across Karnataka both in Private and Government are responding to the Covid 19 health crisis-trying to protect individuals, families and communities in adverse situations with stretched resources, shortage of other equipment’s and medications, have found ourselves as unexpected targets in the fight gainst COVID-19.

Beyond the physical danger in the form of violence we also face the crisis into cruel routines of helplessness, making decisions day after day that could determine whether a patient lives or dies.

We are all working amid an inadequate and deeply unequal medical system and we are also facing intimidation and violence, with videos circulating of angry family members thrashing medical staff in hos pital halls covered in blood, or local strongmen bullying and scolding them.

All of us know that we have lost huge number of doctors in both first and second wave. Most of the senior doctors with co morbidities are working with PPE kits in-spite of the restrictions and serving in whatever the way they can. At this crucial time, we are coming across so many attacks on doctors in various places. Many doctors are working in turns as they are on shifts in Covid wards and ICU’s to avoid getting infected themselves. Even many of them are treating their own family members and relatives with Covid infections in many parts of our State.

It is disheartening to note that many comments and attacks on allopathy doctors are happening on daily basis all over India including our doctors in Karnataka State. We know that Government of Karnataka have given instructions all the heads of the health care institutions to report to the concerned authorities for suitable actions in case of untoward incidences.

We are observing that the physical, verbal attacks are increasing day by day targeting and challenging in these tough times. Many of the medical professionals in Karnataka are of the opinion that the actions of doctors have been taken for a ride as general news and without knowing the ground reality or situation. All of us know that doctors are not machines or an angels to work on 24X7.

The doctor-patient relationship involves vulnerability and trust. It is one of the most moving and meaningful experiences shared by human beings. The offending words used on doctors in local languages like “blood suckers”, “Money suckers’, “medical ghosts”, ” “robbers”, “looters” are heard repeatedly in media including some TV channels will definitely demoralize the honestly working doctors and definitely affect patient care & communication.

The recent media news published in the reputed TV channel on the issue of KIMS will definitely affect trust of the public on the institution and hence we request all the media people to inform the appropriate authorities if they come across any misappropriate issues to know the ground reality before taking them to the media as it will definitely ruin the patients trust.

We hope these kind of media news will be stopped in future with immediate effect.


Hon State Secretary

City Today News

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