Come try some of the world-famous Cherries from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Mr. Ron Verdonk, Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, Embassy of the United States launches the Generic Promotional Campaign in India for Cherries from Pacific Northwest USA

Attractive display may be found at India’s main retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

Bangaluru, July 2021, Summer means a cuisine fullof fresh fruits, and now is thetime to add the icing to the cake. The market has receivedlarge deep-mahogany red, ripe, juicy, sweet,and tasty cherries from the Pacific Northwest of the United  States.

The Northwest Cherry Growers (NWCG), a trade association based in the state of Washington in the U.S.A. have launched their first-ever generic promotion campaign in India to introduce this delightful fruit to the discerning health-conscious Indian consumers.

To mark the launch, Mr. Ron Verdonk, Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, Embassy of the United States of America inaugurated a promotion campaign at Foodhall, Chanyakapuri. The retailer has set up an attractive and vibrant display of cherries from the American Northwest and is encouraged by the initial consumer response. 

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Verdonk, remarked “The U.S. is one of world’s largest producers and exporters of sweet cherries. These cherries from the U.S. Pacific Northwest are grown in the states of Washington, Oregon Idaho, Utah and Montana, and consumers worldwide relish their sweet flavor, bigger size and superior quality. I am delighted to see them here in India. Food is a very important part of India – U.S. trade, and I am glad that cherries from our Pacific Northwest are now added to the basket.”

Speaking on the India campaign for Cherries from Northwest, Mr. Sumit Saran, In-Country Marketing Representative of NWCG remarked, “We foresee immense potential for Northwest Cherries in India. These cherries are considered amongst the best in the world for their high quality, flavour, taste and also food safety. Cherries from the Pacific Northwest USA will be in the market in July and August, perfectly complementing the Indian cherry season. We have chalked out an extensive retail and communication strategy to take this delicious fruit to discerning Indian consumers across the country. These cherries will be available both with retail fruit sellers and e-commerce platforms,” Saran added.

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