Truthful links between Corona, Injections, population, Religion, is Supremacy Psychosis.

Corona is a 191 billion dollar biological weapon unleashed on humanity to decrease population by a vested mafia of elite 1% of world population who want to own & control all the natural resources of the world. This is a supremacy psychosis which needs to be addressed urgently. With increasing population there are multiple groups demanding for equal share n rights for living n enjoying the resources. This goes against the greed of these elite who have created this PLANDEMIC over decades while giving subtle hints off late. Their aim is to decrease dependents ‘draining revenue of people capturing governments, old age especially pensioners, sick managing multiple diseases with medications, and dissidents who protest the supremist’s agenda. Initially released on protestors in Hongkong, India with significant mortality was rereleased with lot of FEAR drama in wuhan with stronger strain. Series of virus targeting different age groups are being released through satellites/aircraft-biotrails/balloons via rains. These are causing death, diseases affecting all organ systems- (strokes, heart attacks, kidney/liver failure, endocrine disorders) ageing, sterility/abortions, fear psychosis, reversal of constitutional human rights all compounded by injections being given as vaccines to create a new world order. Many whose immune system couldn’t fight the corona virus effectively have already died/disabled, nearly all the rest have been exposed with it without symptoms developed natural immunity and don’t need the injections with more significant risk of all complications of covid(infection/inflammation/both) post injections. The mRNA vaccine have risk of genetic modification to ensure chronic dependency on health care system. Only those who had strictly isolated themselves due to fear or immunosuppressive states-post Organ transplants, ongoing chemotherapy, long term immunosuppressive therapy, HIV and other infected might benefit only with nasal/oral vaccine which is not being released. Money laundry between government & NGO should be prevented to save public assets.


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