Lactalis India Forays into Yoghurt Category; Launches Lactel Turbo

~ Launches First of its Kind Yoghurt Drink – Lactel Turbo ~

Lactel Turbo aims to make goodness of yoghurt available for every Indian at an affordable price

Bangalore, 26th August 2021: Lactalis India, part of the Lactalis Group that has the esteemed position of being France’s No. 1 milk brand for over 50 years and has its presence in over 150 countries, today announced their foray into the Yoghurt category with the launch of Lactel Turbo for the first time in India. Lactalis India, that focuses on high quality products meeting global standards, announced that First time in India, Lactel Turbo yoghurt drink will now be available.

Lactalis India, which has been part of the Indian Dairy industry for 7+ years through their acquisition of Thirumala Milk in south India, Anik Milk in north India and Prabhat Dairy in west India, had launched Lactel UHT Milk late last year. As part of their strategy for the Indian market, the French dairy giant, based on market extensive research conducted for Indian market has decided to bring Lactel Turbo, which has amassed great interest and adoption in international market, to India. The product has been adapted to Indian consumer’s requirement in easy open pouch at an affordable price point of Rs.15 only. 

Mr. Rahul Kumar, Managing Director, Lactalis India, launched the snackable yoghurt drink that is targeted at ‘on-the-go’ young Indians from all sections of consumers and comes in a unique easy pouch. With Lactel Turbo the brand aims at democratizing yoghurt for the masses and expects a market penetration of 20% and is looking for the product to add to their overall revenue of 2%. Lactel Turbo Yoghurt Drink will be available in Chennai & Bangalore in first phase and plans to launch across North & West Indian cities by Jan 2022.

Mr. Rahul Kumar, Managing Director, Lactalis India, said, “In India, Fermented milk products have always been part of daily food intake. But Yoghurt is relatively new & largely restricted to niche audience living in metro cities. With Lactel Turbo Yoghurt drink we want to give the discerning audience the goodness of yoghurt in a snackable drink format. Hence we are bringing in on the go & affordable variety of Yoghurt drink that would allow every Indian to enjoy the goodness, health benefits and taste of all natural French quality yoghurt in easy open pouch pack at an affordable price point of Rs.15 only.”

“Consumers can now enjoy a snack that has found a global following in a drinkable variant that comes in an easy to open pouch. Each pouch would cost Rs. 15/- and would contain all the benefits of all natural premium French quality yoghurt. Since our next gen consumers love quick snack and are always on the go we feel that Lactel Turbo will be well accepted especially with that audience and others that have always wanted to try a healthy alternative. We are very excited with the launch of Turbo, as we have already seen its success in other global markets and soon expect it to become a favourite amongst our Indian consumers as well.” Added Mr. Rahul.

Lactel Turbo yoghurt drink is a quick snackable yoghurt drink packed with dairy goodness of calcium, proteins and other minerals almost perfectly covering daily nutrient requirements and plush with probiotics that help maintain good digestive health and regulates metabolism. All the benefits of French Quality Yoghurt in an easy to open pack for consumption on the go. Lactel Turbo passes a plethora of quality checks to ensure premium quality at an affordable rate of just Rs 15/- and comes in Strawberry and Mango flavours.

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