Bangalore, Karnataka, 30″ Aug 2021 The BWSSB since July 2013 introduced new tariff for High Rise Buildings – defined in the BWSSB Act as Buildings Having More than Four Floors – attracting Rs. 22/- per thousand litters. The tariff is about 200% hike in the Table Rates prescribed in the Act. For instance, if one consumes 15000 litres per month under Table Rates the chargeable amount is Rs. 133/- whereas the High-Rise Building Tariff is Rs.330/-.

Contrary to definition for High Rise Building Tariff, BWSSB is wrongly interpreting and applying the said Tariff for Buildings which are having FOUR FLOORS ONLY and below that mark. There is also discrimination in application of the Rules. This is affecting the middle-class consumers. Though the billing is made for High Rise Buildings, water supply is made to the ground level and the consumers are making their own arrangements for lifting the water to individual flats and maintain delivery pipelines.

On a brief comparison to other cities there is no tariff separately for High Rise Buildings. There is free water in Delhi. As per information available, in Mumbai it is Rs.3.50 per thousand litres. Kerala and Chennai charge Rs. 50/- and Rs.80/- per flat per month.

BBMP in their budget of FY 2020-21 have announced free water up-to 10000 litres and allocated Rs.43 crores for making payment to BWSSB. The shocking factor is if one consumes 10001 litres per month under the Table Rates chargeable amount is around Rs. 100/- and under the High – Rise Building Tariff it is Rs.242/-.

In our case, we reside in 4 floors and 3 floors only. We are fighting this draconian rise in water charges for the past 8 years and just to get a response to our objections we had to move a Writ Petition before the Karnataka High Court seeking directions to the Officials to respond. The speaking order passed by the Official was untenable and subsequently the Board Officials had many rounds of discussions to solve the issue of definition of High Rise Building thereby making the Speaking Order redundant.

Consumers who reside in buildings with FOUR FLOORS or BELOW, join hands with us to seek justice. Let us boldly and loudly say:

Table Rates ಬೇಕು- Highrise Building Tariff ಬೇಡ


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