Vah Vah! Announces Ed-Tech Growth Expert Dev Priyam is joining the company as Co-Founder

Bangalore, 6 September 2021 – Vah Vah!, the leading Ed-tech company for Vocational skills in the field of Professional Makeup today announced the joining of Dev Priyam as Co-Founder.

Vah Vah! has students in 300+ locations in India and a panel of 10+ makeup educators. It is focussed on teaching students Pro-Makeup, Hairstyle, Saree Draping. Nail Art etc and enabling them with all the skills necessary to start their career as professionals or entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Dev brings a wealth of industry experience with him. He started his career as a Management Consultant at Kearney. From there he went to upGrad where he led a team of 200 spreading the message of education into all corners of India. After a highly successful innings at upGrad, where he played an instrumental role in scaling upGrad’s topline to INR 600 Cr ARR, he joined Sequoia Capital India’s Surge team to help startups in its ecosystem to scale.

Now at Vah Vah!, Dev will focus on scaling up the admissions function so that the company can serve more students, all with the quality that past graduates have come to expect. Eashwar Subbiah, Co-Founder Vah Vah! said, “It is a testament to our vision and product to have an industry stalwart like Dev join us. He knew our company intimately before he joined and we are thrilled that he shares our vision for vocational education.”

Dev joins Vah Vah! from Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, where he was part of the team that advised on the firm’s investment into Vah Vah!. Apart from the strong belief about the impact Vah Vah! would make for an underserved market, their shared enthusiasm to enable the financial independence of its students gave them a common goal. So it was a natural next step for Dev to come on board to join like minded co-founders in this journey.

Dev said on the occasion, “Quality Vocational Education is critical to the macroeconomic health of any country. And this is a company that’ll reshape Vocational Education in India. In the coming months Vah Vah will be rapidly scaling up its admissions team to service even more students in every part of the country”

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