Samantha marks the 1 year anniversary of Saaki’s birth.

29th Sep, 2021 : Saaki came to life with Samantha and Sushruthi co-creating a one-of-its-kind iconic lifestyle brand. Samantha’s distinctive fashion style played catalysts in forming Saaki a year ago.

Saaki is a new, modern eclectic lifestyle brand that offers tasteful choices to today’s women.Saaki is Authentic, Subtle & Classic. The brand believes that every woman is incredible and fashion at Saaki empowers women to take on every role in life with ease, and celebrates them for who they are!
Samantha wanted Saaki to be a brand representing everyday fashion that’s easily accessible to all and brings to life her sense of style – feminine yet edgy.The brand is a reflection of her personal style.

Saaki, in a very short span of time, has managed to please its audience globally. It has its presence in over 15 countries and plans to expand its community further.

The crew at Saaki believes that the brand is what it is today because of its community. The #SaakiWomen are fiercely loyal and have showered the brand with much appreciation, love and support in the past year.

It is magical to see women across the globe dress in Saaki couture. Receiving compliments, numerous messages, social media shoutouts, Saaki-look pictures, and suggestions has made Saaki a relatable label and a cult favourite.

Sushruthi, Founder of Saaki, believes that the brand has been successful because of its highly talented and passionate team. “The team is always bringing new ideas to the table and executing them in the most interesting and unique ways possible”.

She adds, “Building a disruptive celebrity-led brand in India has been on my mind for a while. The journey has been very promising, and we’re all set to explore opportunities to expand soon. Despite the brand being launched during the pandemic, it has seen tremendous growth and is ready for a new phase in the coming year.

Working with Sam has been an absolute pleasure. When I pitched the idea to her, she and I instantly agreed upon what we wanted this brand to represent. We’ve been able to build that vision together and have a lot of ideas on what we should be doing next to take Saaki to newer heights”.

Here’s what Samantha feels about one year of Saaki –

“I’ve always loved fashion and wanted to build a brand with great designs being accessible to all and expressive of every individual. With Saaki, I was able to bring that dream to life. I make sure that every piece in our collection encompasses self-expression and has an element of me in it.I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has been part of this unforgettable year with us! It feels surreal to have a Saaki family that showers us with so much love and support. It has been an extraordinary experience, and we can’t wait to make more for years to come!”

Saaki’s first anniversary is an ode to its customers and the online community. We at Saaki believe that our customers and online community have helped us reach this important milestone. Their feedback, purchases, social media engagement, and support in so many ways has brought us a long way. Hence, we want to celebrate this special occasion with them by hosting giveaways, appreciation posts, offers, and fun activities!

Our theme for the celebration is #OnewithSaaki.

OneWithSaaki represents us turning one, and also that we’re one with the community that has brought us this far, for which we will forever be grateful.

Saaki’s upcoming plans?

When asked, Saaki’s customers suggested that they’d like to see multiple product ranges added to the lifestyle segment. The team has actively been working on it and is expected to launch segments in kidswear, skincare and home décor very soon!

We’re thrilled and looking forward to having a newer audience explore our brand!

Shop with us at and stay tuned on our social media for news on new arrivals, product launches, and Sam’s iconic recommendations.

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