The inaugural ceremony of the Innovative Film Academy’s Innovative International Film Festival kicks off the festival.

~The 4th edition film festival is all set to showcase 108 films from 30 countries in 45 languages ~

Bengaluru, 15th October 2021: Innovative Film Academy, one of India’s most prestigious film studies institutes, hosted the Inaugural ceremony of the 4th edition of the Innovative International Film Festival 2021, today in the city.

The ceremony marked the beginning of the four-day film festival that will present 108 films from 30 nations, encompassing a wide spectrum of genres in 45 languages. Screened at the Innovative Multiplex, Marathalli, Bengaluru, the festival commenced with a red carpet, where dignitaries from Czech Republic, Peru, Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, and Luxembourg graced the occasion.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Saravana Prasad, Founder and Director of Innovative Film Academy in his keynote address said, “We are ecstatic and honoured to host the 4th edition of the Innovative International Film Festival in 2021. For the Indian film industry, this will be an opportunity to experience markets overseas, promote tourism, and find talents from across borders.  With a diversified selection of 108 films spanning over 30 countries, we seek to exhibit the finest of international cinema. It will be a lifetime experience for cinephiles while we also aspire to proactively encourage prospective filmmakers to master the intricacies of filmmaking.”

The inauguration ceremony saw an array of performances post the felicitation and special address by the Guest of Honour. The inaugural day also witnessed the screening of films from Asia, with Israel being the country of focus. The festival also saw the premiere of the Kannada film Kannadiga. Aside from screening films, the festival will also entail a number of workshops and panel discussions to enable the youth to comprehend the craft of filmmaking from renowned speakers. Besides this, the International film festival will present a specially curated award property recognizing impeccable filmmaking.

Celebrating the spirit of art and filmmaking, the film festival will be open to the public from today onwards, 15th October till 17th October.

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