Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Launched by Apollo Cancer Centre – You are the best breast examiner for you.

Ms Sowmya Reddy – Hon. MLA, Jayanagar, Bengaluru lighting the lamp by inagurating the launch event with the presence of leading oncologist from Apollo Cancer Center Bangalore,

Apollo Cancer Centre launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – The Best Breast Examiner for You is You

Bengaluru, 23rd October 2021: Apollo Cancer Centres (ACC) launched its breast awareness campaign – The Best Breast Examiner for You is YOU, to commemorate the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This campaign by Apollo Cancer Centres illustrates the importance of regular self-breast examination and screening. It is an initiative by Apollo Cancer Centres to create a movement to educate and empower every woman to be her own breast examiner.
For every 4 minutes 1 woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in India, and 1 woman dies of breast cancer every 13 minutes. Women in India are generally diagnosed at a later, more advanced stage with a poor prognosis. About 1 in 29 women may develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Every woman self-examining regularly, will be a step closer to saving millions of lives.

Ms Sowmya Reddy – Hon. MLA, Jayanagar, Bengaluru was the chief guest for the event. She shared her thoughts and also felicitated cancer survivors. The event also saw oncologists participate in a panel discussion on the topics: (a) Dealing with multi-dimensional Body Image issues after Breast Cancer treatment, (b) Debunking common Breast Cancer Myths – a session with Breast Cancer Survivors and (c) Cancer Insurance Policies
Sharing her thoughts at the event, Ms Sowmya Reddy – Hon. MLA, Jayanagar said, “It is an honour for me to be present at Apollo Cancer Centre for a noble awareness cause such as breast cancer. It is a disease that affects so many women and it is good to know that it can be detected and cured with early detection. I would urge all women to regularly conduct the self-examination on themselves as well as encourage other women around them to do the same.”
Commenting on the Occasion, Mr Davison, CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka region said, “Apollo has been a pioneer when it comes to cancer care. With the launch of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – The Best Breast Examiner for You is You, we aim to raise awareness, reach women across and educate them on breast self-examining & early detection. By encouraging regular and early breast self-examination, women will be more cognisant of the changes in their breasts and detect abnormalities more easily thus help in combating breast cancer.
Commenting on the occasion, Dr Jayanti Thumsi, Lead surgeon, breast oncology, Apollo Cancer Centres, said, “Timely diagnosis of breast cancer can help prevent the spread of cancer to a large extent and increase the survival rate. It is important to understand that any change in the breast, such as nipple discharge, change in shape or size of the breast, redness on the surface found during self-examination should be shown to an oncologist for a consultation even if you don’t feel any pain.”
Apollo Cancer Centres understands the immediate need for women in India and across the world to understand the importance of early detection and regular screenings. Early detection of breast cancer can reduce the risk of death from Breast Cancer by 90%. Women can log on to, where they will be given more information about self-breast examination. The site is equipped with videos, interactive images, & information which will guide women with the process of self-examination. It would also talk about the next steps that should be taken after the examination.
Cancer Care today means 360-degree comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise and an indomitable spirit from the cancer specialists. It also demands constant innovation and a fresh way of thinking. Apollo Cancer Centres website is yet another milestone in this direction. To further make cancer care and education accessible to one and all, Apollo Cancer Centres has built India’s first and comprehensive interactive website on cancer care
The ACC website is the first and most comprehensive destination for everything on cancer treatment and care in India. This website has been designed keeping patient at epic-centre and their needs to know about Cancer symptoms, risks, diagnosis and treatment options through easy to understand written and audio visual content covering over 100 cancer types. The website enables users to access the best of 14 Cancer Centres across India and more than 240 oncologists. The site will cover everything from the most advanced treatments for cancers to life after cancer and support for patients, caregivers and survivors. It will be a broadcaster of information that patients and care givers are seeking for.

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