March towards building a harmonious Akhanda Bharat Fighting Corruption by restoring National honour and self-esteem of eitizens.

March towards building a harmonious Akhanda Bharat Fighting Corruption by restoring National honour and self-esteem of citizens. Corruption is outcome of our sense of low self-esteem after vears of slavery, To combat corruption that is within and in public life including scams by leaders and lavish expenses during election campaigns by corrupted leaders, we need to erase the history written by invaders and conspirators and pass on the victorious tale of our ancestors Parashurama, Rama and Krishna and our valiant Hindu rulers, our scientists of yester years, our iconic freedom fighters Once we all realise and feel that we are descendants of great honourable lineage we would stop supporting or participating in resource leakage of Corruption. Ram Janmabhoomi and Krishna Janambhoomi is our national pride and part of our precious history. To serve the purpose of building self-esteem and national honour, we fought iconic legal battle to free Rama Janambhoomi and freed it from encroachment after 70 years of legal fight. Lord Rama is our ancestor and we from ABHM have restored the place of our revered ancestor from impurity. 6th December, 2021 – Chalo Mathura: Now we are legally fighting for our ancestor Lord Krishna, whose unparalleled deliberations on Life and Creation in Kurukshetra. War, captioned as Bhagawat Gita, is not only sweeping the world system but is a pride of our civilization’s advance, comprehensive, harmonious thought and life style. We will march into the encroachment which is illegally encroaching on our ancestor’s birth place at Mathura on 6th December, 2021 to send a message to the world that we ure in the process of restoring and preserving our rich heritage to enhance our National honous Our political role in building Akhanda Bharat – the dream of all patriots who sacrificed their lives during the freedom movement. We would be the only option for people seeking a patriotic leadership and corruption free leadership as our aim is to build a Hindu Rashtra with Uniform Civil Code and not retain or access power on divisive politics of religion and caste, We have opposed partition and would ensure the union of all territories which once were part of Akhanda Bharat Honour and conversion of Swatantra Senani as Rashtriya Parivar and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as Rashtra Putra. We ure ensuring political positions and seats to Senani Bansh with ID cards of unknown known freedom fighters to ensure that the get the respect of being Rashtriya Parivars of our Akhanda Bharat. We have demanded to honour Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as our first and till date the only Premier of Akhanda Bharat as Rashtre Putra.

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