‘My vote is not for sale – National People’s Party

The National People’s Party will be a part of the centre’s ruling party. The office of our party has already started in all districts of Karnataka. The National People’s Party is launching programs to provide greater service to the citizens of Bangalore in the view of the next BBMP ELECTIONS. Steps are being taken to give special priority to repairing roads, developing environment and green forest themed parks and many other programs. Our candidates are already doing activities in all thier respective BBMP wards.

The main objective of the party:.

50 per cent reservation for women in the BBMP elections, with special preference for educated young students , boys and girls who are gonna vote for the first time.

Party Declaration:

Realizing the value of the vote, I am campaigning with ‘My vote is not for sale’ slogan.

If our party is elected as the governing party in the BBMP, we have decided to provide free education and free bus passes to children below the poverty line tractors fertilizer, seed sowing machines and credit facilities for small farmers in all areas. Dr Ashok Kumar Javier,
Karnataka state part president, said that special skill training centres and job fairs will be held to provide employment to the youth.

If any person who wants be a candidate can come forward to contest from our party, they can contact our President KARNATAKA STATE National People’s party Dr. ASHOK KUMAR XAVIER or OUR KARNATAKA STATE GENERAL SECRETARY Mr. Prabhu Bosco.

Sri Prabho Bosco
General secretary National People’s Party Karnataka state
Ph – 7795844055

Dr Ashok Kumar Xavier
President National People’s Party Karnataka state
Ph – 9845016339

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