For the last 50 years DR.AGARWAL has been a South zone and Nationals swim champ with a dream of achieving international medals. This year again she broke her own record in every event at the just held 17th NATIONALS MASTERS SWIMMING COMPETITION held at St. Aloysius Swimming pool in Mangalore by the SWIMMING FEDERATION OF INDIA local organizing team headed by SATISH KUMAR secretary KARNATAKA SWIMMING ORGANIZATION with over 700 participants from the 29 states especially KARNATAKA, DELHI, MAHARASHTRA winning most of the medals.

Under the tutelage of COACH BUSHAN from GLENMARK AQUATIC FOUNDATION practicing at RAY CENTER WILSON GARDEN managed by SITARAM and team.

100mt free style her own record was broken with a timing of 1min 26sec.

50mt free style the win was with 36 sec

50mt Butterfly again a gold medal with 42 sec

50 mt Back stroke saw a beautiful start clocking 43 sec for the record.

All these records are for swimmers above 60 years of age and matches the records on Senior Olympics.

With the coming year 2022 hoping to open borders will be held the WORLD MASTERS GAMES in KANSAI JAPAN . They have already postponed it from 2021 to 2022 , here over 29 sports are registered to take part with over 20000 participants from over 100 countries .

INDIGO AIRLINES took the participants from all over India and Karnataka to attend the NATIONALS and will be ever willing to take them to international shores.

During these troubled times of COVID there are some advantages to be seen in the swimming pool where the virus spread is curtailed as immunity of the swimmers is high . Keeping up with some exercise pattern is one method of keeping viral infections at bay .

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