Bengaluru will be the first to relish Recipe’s new “Exotic Global Sauces” category.

~Introduces an attractive, contemporary affordable and consumer-friendly packaging with a  Twist Nozzle~ 

Bangalore, 10thFebruary 2022: Exotic sauces have been gaining momentum in the Indian market across the food service and retail segments. With the increasing demand for Global Sauces introduced in India, Mother’s Recipe, one of India’s leading food brands have launched its new category of “Exotic Global Sauces” available in Red Chili, Green Chili Garlic Chilli Sauce, Soya bean, Chilli Vineger & Sriracha Sauce with no added MSG and no artificial colours under the brand ‘Recipe’ in Bengaluru.Consumer’s desi Chinese dishes will taste better than ever & will be healthier too without MSG which makes it safe for the entire family.  

The Recipe brand provides consumers with a unique proposition of versatility in cooking, the authenticity of taste and exotic flavours through its range of sauces. These Sauces is all that you need to pep up your favourite home-cooked meals This new range of Exotic Sauces is pocket friendly at an MRP of only Rs. 55 and enables convenient cooking especially for millennials who look at experimenting with new dishes at home. The unique feature of this product range is its ‘Twist Nozzle,’ which is easy to use & store. The nozzle has been fitted at the top of the bottle which aids in measuring the amount of the sauce that is being poured. The premium bottles are light, sleek, unbreakable & can be stored in fridge easily. Apart from this, there’s also a useful recipe on the back of every bottle that will help consumers in the kitchen in cooking a healthy, tasty meal for their family every day. 

Commenting on the launch Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe, said “It gives us immense pleasure to announce the launch of our new category of Global Exotic sauces under our brand “Recipe” first in Bengaluru. Keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for Global sauces in India, we have introduced this product range that will be both best tasting & best looking on the shelf. We are also going to be introducing additional flavours very soon in the market & will also be expanding to other cities very soon. The Sauces are a vibrant assortment with international flavours that will enrich the taste in everyday meals. These sauces are manufactured keeping in mind the best quality ingredients and have no added colour or NO MSG added in the sauce. With this product range, we went a step ahead and designed unique packaging for easy pourability with a Twist Nozzle at the top of the bottle, making it the best & most unique in the category.” 

The Recipe brand earlier this year introduced Desi Szechwan without any MSG, which makes it unique in this category. that is an exquisite pleasure for your taste buds. This delicious chutney combines very well with almost everything. It can be served as a dip or stir-fried, or it can be mixed into rice, noodles, or used as a marinade for paneer or chicken.  

All the products are available to buy online on 

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