Paras Aerospace presents advanced electro-optical sensors for lethal drones

Drones with weapons payload are required to meet stringent parameters with mission critical technology

Bengaluru: Drones are going to dictate the future of war and peace. Paras Aerospace, a major manufacturing company focused on Drone related aerospace technology development, unveiled latest advances in lethal drones’ sensors and payload integration capabilities at the one day DRDO event on “Sensors and Instrumentation for Armament Technology” on Friday in Pune.

Armament Sensors and Electronics (ASE) panel of Armament Research Board (ARMREB) and Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE), which is responsible for equipping the armed forces with world class weapon systems through innovation, research, integration and transfer of technology had organized the Pune workshop. Both ARMREB and ARDE are part of DRDO (defence research and development organization).

Pankaj Akula, CEO of Paras Aerospace, presented capabilities and advancements made by Paras Aerospace in drone technology for carrying weapons. Drones with weapons payload have to meet many stringent parameters to safely fly and hit a target. Paras Aerospace has made this possible with advanced electro-optical (EO) sensor systems with mission critical closed loop control systems for strategic operation of the drones.  

ASE panel is responsible for selection of sensors for armament applications and electronic systems design for armaments. Paras Aerospace has developed sophisticated and technically advanced EO sensors along with integration of armaments with the drones, said Pankaj Akula, at the Sensors and Instrumentation or Armament Technology themed presentation, organized by the DRDO in Pune. Paras Aerospace is an OEM in drones in India and the integration of drones with weapons payload technology is easy to achieve.

Summing up the sentiments and the spirit of the meeting deliberations, India’s eminent scientist and ARDE Director Dr V Venkateswara Rao, said “the workshop has given the opportunity to various organisations to present collaboration possibilities between DRDO, academic institutions and private industries for self-reliance in armament technology and lays a pathway towards Atmanirbhar Bharat along with armament technology ecosystem partners.”

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