WayCool Makes Its Debut Farmers can use the Ai-powered Outgrow app.

WayCool Launches Ai powered Outgrow app for Farmers

• A comprehensive and personalized solutions platform, available in 6 languages
• Tamil/ Kannada/ Telugu /Hindi/ Marathi & English
• Key utilities featured are Mandi prices, Automated Soil Labs, Crop health
• App to be made available Free of cost to Farmers
• Aims to enable small, medium and marginalized farmers to increase their income and profitability through using Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics, and encourage natural farming

Bangalore , March 04, 2022: WayCool Foods, India’s fastest growing Agri-commerce company, today launched its next-gen Ai powered ‘Outgrow App’. The App will provide comprehensive advisory and personalized solutions in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, and English languages. With the Outgrow App, WayCool aims to assist small, medium, and marginalized farmers to increase their income and profitability. The app during its launch phase will support farmers based in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana offering a boutique of services, Mandi prices, Automated Soil Testing facilities, Crop Health.

Outgrow-WayCool’s flagship agriculture extension program has been assisting farmers on ground for over 3 years now. Farmers associated with Outgrow program, have witnessed a 20% – 40% increase in their income. As the company scales this model through tech, it is aiming to impact the lives of over 5 million farmers. Through this next gen Outgrow App, WayCool is bringing the best of agricultural practices and its learning in an intuitive and easy manner for farmers to consume at a touch of a button.

Mr. Sendhil Kumar, Head Farmer Engagement & Outgrow, WayCool Foods said. “Today, a farmer depends on multiple platforms and at times is overexposed to unsolicited advisory sources. We are bringing all basic Farm inputs under one roof, backing it up with scientific tools, and in their own language. Outgrow App is a go-to-platform for real-time Mandi prices, crop health, automated soil testing, and holistic farm advisory on fingertips. We are also planning to add financial assistance services, farm inputs, procurement services to the app in subsequent phases. Farmers can download the Outgrow APP for free from google play store”.

Mr. Karthik Jayaraman,  Managing Director, WayCool Foods

Elaborating on the launch, Mr. Karthik Jayaraman, Managing Director, WayCool Foods said, “This is a major step towards our mission to build the World’s most comprehensive tech stack in the food economy. We have built a strong network of 85000+ farmers, and over three years we demonstrated to a lot of farmers on how they can increase their income and profitability through natural farming and regenerative agricultural practices. As an impact organization, we strongly focus on increasing rural income. Food Supply Chain starts with farmers, and hence they are the most important stakeholders in the ecosystem. We will keep pushing boundaries when it comes to deploying deep tech and analytics to empower small and medium farmers who are deprived of access to the latest tech. Outgrow App will lessen the digital divide that exists today”.

Salient Features of the Outgrow APP

Easy and Multilingual: Outgrow App has enhanced User Interface and User experience-rich text and easy to understand infographics. This will make farmers engage with the app in a better way. The App is also available in 6 languages namely English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. It enables small and medium-scale farmers to avail information and services much easier. Farmers can read and interact with the app in their own mother tongue.

Real-Time Mandi Prices: This is a unique feature where Mandi prices are updated on the APP on real time basis. A team of over 100 is deputed on-ground to update prices from respective Mandis. This enables farmers to have mandi prices handy and helps them in planning the sale of their produce. Outgrow app has intuitive graphs that can help farmers to understand the fluctuations in prices, and track trends.

Crop Health: Pest, and Disease Management: Outgrow is now much wiser in identifying the pest and diseases and suggesting precautions and cures for wide varieties of crops using artificial intelligence. The APP is equipped with 500+ pest and disease prevention and cure information, which enables farmers to understand the pest/disease and take appropriate action. Farmer can also avail detailed crop information of around 100+ crops. This feature enables information and guidance from soil preparation to harvesting.

Automated Soil Test: Now, farmers don’t have to wait for weeks and queue up at soil testing labs. The Outgrow app provides farmers with access to automated soil testing labs from any part of the country. Once the test is booked on the APP, the GPS enabled system will show them the nearest lab location. The farmer just needs to send the sample to the nearest lab, and the report will be sent directly on farmers mobile App.

Chatbot with an expert: Farmers can avail instant assistance for Agronomists. They can get advisory through IVR (Interactive voice response), Text Chat and, Voice Chat in 6 languages. These options will ease farmers connection to the Agri experts and interact in their mother tongue.

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