Being Social – Ek Nayi Shuruaat and Forum Koramangala Mall talks about our initiative-Road safety awareness campaign and road safety pledge on 26th March 2022

On 26th March 2022 Forum Koramangala Mall in association with Being Social – Ek Nayi Shuruaat is organizing Road Safety programme, Pledging to Road Safety, Road Traffic Accidents, Deaths caused etc.

The Volunteers will be dressed as Lord Ganesha,Yamraj,Chitragupta,Traffic Cops, Traffic Signals and in various other role play to spread awareness on Road Safety Awareness.  The topics will include Drunk and Drive, No Helmet, Using mobile phones while driving, Disobeying Traffic Rules, Seat Belt.

The topics will be shown in a very creative way, so that public understand the importance of Road Safety and how we can take care of the Traffic rules for the safety measures, This Road Safety Pledge will conclude with a Flash Mob.


Venue: Forum Koramangala MallDate: 26th March, 2022Time: 4.30 PM

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