Bosch strengthens healthcare infrastructure at Bangalore Baptist Hospital with anOnsite Oxygen Generation Plant

Bosch partnered with Bangalore Baptist Hospital (BBH) in setting up an onsite oxygen
generation plant to support the current oxygen demand of the hospital and to prepare for
future oxygen emergencies. This oxygen generation unit works on VSA (Vacuum Swing
Adsorption) technology which is a greener technology with an assured oxygen purity of
medical standards, lower energy consumption, and maintenance costs as compared to the
PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. The unit is installed at the new Women and
Children’s healthcare and Research Centre of BBH which houses their state-of-the-art
neonatal care and pediatric ICU units.

“Being self-reliant with our oxygen demand is a matter of both confidence and comfort.
We are grateful to Bosch that many critical patients will reap the benefit with this generous
gift”, remarked Dr. Spurgeon R, Director (CEO) of BBH at the dedication ceremony. Shri.
Jacob Peter Sr. Vice President of Bosch Global Software Tech. Pvt. Ltd., Shri. Rajesh
Krishnan Executive Director, United Way and senior leadership of BBH graced the
Considering the factors of healthcare accessibility, affordability, availability of trained
medical professionals, technical capability and charitable nature of the institution Bosch
decided to partner with BBH to upgrade the healthcare infrastructure by setting up an
Oxygen Generation Plant of capacity 720Sm3
/day. This plant is the second oxygen
generator plant of BBH, which was commissioned a month before the third COVID wave.
In a matter of three months, 1112 people have benefitted from this facility. During COVID
19 crisis, BBH had catered to 72282 patients with COVID testing and treatment and given
a treatment concession of 12.3 crores. This investment will go a long way in protecting the
lives of citizens of Bangalore during and post-pandemic as Bangalore Baptist Hospital
caters to people from all economic strata.

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