The continuing increase in the pump price of petrol and diesel has become a never-ending burden for the micro and small scale enterprises in particular, and the resultant increase in the input costs is hurting their already thinning margins, said P. Shashidhar, Administrator, KASSIA.
The petrol and diesel prices have been revised upwards nine times in the last few weeks,” he pointed out. “The latest hike by 80 paise a litre each, taking the total increase in rates in the last 10 days to Rs 8.00 per litre, is escalating problems for both the employer-industries as well as workers whose commutation costs are rising and there is a demand from them to compensate them which is simply not possible under the present circumstances. The government at the state as well as the Centre should take into account the alarming situation faced by the micro and small enterprises (MSE) sector and bring down the prices immediately. Also, the time has come for the GST Council to include petrol and diesel under GST, which could perhaps deliver a solution to this never-ending hikes,” KASSIA suggested.


City Today News


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