Oceans 2 Painting Exhibitions at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. Date- April 07-13

Oceans 2 Painting Exhibitions at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Date- April 07-13 We are a Pondicherry cum Kochin based Art house and this is our 12th show here in India, Additionally, I have held shows in Paris, Vancouver, and Montreal. My worke have travelled to North America, Europe, and Australia & New Zealand as part of our Sales outreach ventures.

We intend to spread the message of Re-imagine waters as we see now and create an alter dimension for water universe”.

Artist Speaks: – The theme of our works is Oceans. The style of our art is contemporary and Abstract and Surreal in nature.

Oceans2 is my own poem dedicated to help the public re-perceive our water bodies and water universe. The collection has 100 plus collections displayed in major Galleries Oceans 1 was a very successful series and very much appreciated in art circles for its techniques and style.

Oceans 2 is a postlude of the same under Franco- German character and most importantly marks my journey further deep into the water universe.

Dr. Greema Michael, Greema Michael Arts, Bussy Street Pondicherry/Judges Avenue Kochin. Contact – 9649677250 / greema22.222@gmail.com

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