This newly launched option by India’s 1st Made-in-India Multi-Modal Public Transport Application will bring in a digital revolution in the city’s public transport system & ease out the intracity travelling issues.

6th April 2022, Bengaluru: Bengaluru’s bus travel is now easy & within commuters’ reach. Tummoc, India’s First Multi-Modal Public Transport App, announces the launch of their new & essential ticket/pass booking feature. In partnership with Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), it will resolve the city’s daily public transport concerns via digital ticketing or pass options.
This new feature allows passengers to buy both bus tickets & passes via the app. It will minimise the ticket troubles for BMTC & customers and remove the dependency on physical cash. 

One can opt to pre-book the tickets & passes. For daily tickets or passes, one must book them on the day of the commute. Weekly passes can be booked in advance before the coming week. There are strict provisions for monthly pass booking.
Customers can activate the tickets/pass on the bus or before boarding. It will need to be validated within 30 mins from activation.

The validation happens by tapping on the Scan QR Button on the Tummoc App & then scanning the conductor’s QR. Customers can also allow the conductor to scan the customer QR code on the ETM device/mobile app. If the internet stops functioning, the conductor feeds the ticket number or registered number on his App/ETM device for verification. The best part is that customers get notified one day in advance for the renewal of the monthly pass. Daily tickets are valid only for the day of purchase. Validity for all passes remains the same as per standard BMTC protocols. 
“Considering how huge Bengaluru is and heavy-duty public transport dependency, it is high time that digital answers can solve the travel issue,” reveals Hiranmay Mallick, CEO & Co-Founder, Tummoc.

“Travelling by BMTC can get hectic and time-consuming. Handling the crowd and their money is a tough task too. Thus Tummoc’s ticket/pass booking facility in partnership with BMTC will be the answer for streamlining everything. Since everyone is online these days, this is the right solution for the bus travel concerns.”
Tummoc, India’s 1st Made-in-India Transit Application, has come up to answer the daily transport issues & the need to get affordable short term rides in Bengaluru. They are into essential ticket/pass booking, synchronised public transport information, real-time tracking of public transport modes, last-mile connectivity & soon-to-be-launched Single Journey Ticketing. For last-mile connectivity, Tummoc has partnered with Rapido. They also have a patent for System and Method for Multi-Modal Trip Planning with First and Last Mile Connectivity. 
Tummoc is the brainchild of Hiranmay Mallick (Co-founder & CEO), Monalisha Thakur (Co-founder & CMO) and Narayan Mishra (Co-founder & CTO). They have seen how public transport in 1st world countries gets preferred by everyone and is made accessible & convenient. Tummoc wants the same in India for an intra city commute. As of today, they are present in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. In the long run, they want to be India’s leader in smart & cashless commute.
With the launch of the ticket/pass booking feature in collaboration with BMTC, Tummoc is making Bengaluru’s bus travel the easiest option ever for customers & the public transport system.

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