Jaipur Rugs opens Its first Store in Bengaluru

One of its kind stores is designed by renowned designer Sandeep Khosla and is o step forward towards becoming a global brand

Bengaluru April, 2022 : Jaipur Rugs, The largest manufacturer of Handmade Rugs in India brings true craftsmanship and timeless designs to Bengaluru with the launch of its retsil store in Indira Nagar. The store is designed by well-known architects Sandeep Khosia and Amaresh Anand of Khosla Associates.

On display are handmade rugs by international and Indian designers including the much acclaimed “Manchaha Collection” from the rural belts of Rajasthan that blur the definitions of form and redefine what art should be. Through its carpets Jaipur Rugs alms to add art into everyday life.

“This is the First Mano brand store of Jaipur Rugs in the state of Karnataka after stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Milan. We have always admired the cosmopolitan culture of Bengaluru and were anxiously waiting for the opportunity to showcase our world class collection to the people Chaudhary, Director Jaipur Rugs. this great city, Says Yogesh

The common factor that Jaipur Rugs and the city of gardens is that both Jaipur Rugs and people of Bengaluru believes in the spirit of living life to ts fullest and we hope that they can relate with our artists who despite all the hardships are a true example of grit and determination”he further adds.

The store showcases the process of making and tell the story of a sustainable brand, conscious of social impact through their support of 40,000+ artisans across 600 villages in india. Aloom is placed at the foyer of, the store to show the process of weaving, as well as display hand tools used in the weaving and finishing of the rugs Storyboards of the legacy of the brand and the processes of making were also highlighted on feature walls.

Nearly 85% of Jaipur Rugs weavers are women who take pride in working from their own homes. From the tribal belts of Gujarat to diverse communities in five states of India, these women represent what the company calls the ‘Creative Caste. They have not had a fair share of opportunities but now have found their voices and dignity within their communities.

Sustainability goals and Manchaha Collection: The rug industry globally is losing billions of dollars in wasted yarn. Surplus yarn is either incinerated or goes straight to landfil. An initiative by Jaipur Rugs called Manchaha – is a step towards reusing the millions of sq meters of waste into a fun product.

Rugs in the one-of-a-kind Manchaha collection are made using hand-spun leftover yarn batches. These batches are basically waste left after the weaving is done, The yarn is in such small quantities that it cannot be reused as part of another regular rug. These small unusable batches of yarn are packed in sacks and sent to weavers for them to pick whatever they like for their Manchaha rugs.

This helps reduces wastage that had no solution and makes the colour palette of these rugs as unique as their design. It is a remarkable example of sustainable production -reusing and revival from waste, the problem becoming its own solution.

The Manchaha project is also a great tool against patriarchy as it puts regular and sustainable income directly into the hands of the women (over 80% of artisans working with Jaipur Rugs are women). Additionally, women weavers are getting a lot of recognition on the world stage uplifting their social status in their communities.

As the women become earning members of the family they slowly, but surely rise in status and get a voice that they can use for their own transformation. The exposure that some women are gaining by winning awards and travelling across the world to receive them is transforming their lives, And creating aspirations in a other weavers to follow in their footsteps.

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