Pravara Theatre and Ashvagosha Theatre Trust have jointly proposed to organise Bengaluru Short Play Festival 2022

Pravara Theatre and Ashvagosha Theatre Trust have jointly proposed to organise Bengaluru Short Play Festival 2022 to set up a platform to stage short impactful plays and bring in theatre fraternity together. The maiden edition of the Bengaluru Short Play Festival (BSPF 2021) was successfully held in March 2021 which saw huge success with hundreds of theatre artists participating in the festival and well received by the audience. They are all set for the second edition of Bengaluru Short Play Festival (BSPF 2022). The screening round for BSPF 2022 will be on 30th April and 1st May 2022 at Prabhath Kalapoornima, N.R.Colony, Bengaluru and finale will be on 15th of May 2022 at Prabhath K.H. Kalasoudha Hanumanthanagara, Bengaluru. Prabhath Auditoriums has joined BSPF 2022 as venue partners by providing the auditoriums for the festival. The ‘Best Actor’ award in BSPF 2022 will be presented in honor of National Award winner “Sanchari Vijay’ which will be continued in all the future editions of BSPF.


1. Best Play (Jury choice) – Trophy & Cash Prize. 2. Best Play (Audience choice) – Trophy & Cash Prize. 3. Best Director. 4. ‘Sanchari Vijay’ – Best Actor Male. 5. Best Actor Female. 6. Best Original Script. 7. Best Publicity Design.

Participation & Selection: 1. Theme for BSPF 2022 is – ‘ಸಹನೆ Sahane’. 2. Participating teams should construct a play in Kannada only based on the theme provided above. 3. The duration provided for each team will be 15 mins which includes stage setup. Play duration should be minimum of 10 mins. 4. A minimum of 2 actors and a maximum of 8 actors are allowed in each play. 5. Entries will be accepted till 27th April 2022. 6. Theatre teams and freelance artists can apply. 7. Any team across the state can participate in BSPF 2022, however for teams outside Bengaluru, screening will be done online. 8. Multiple entries are accepted from teams, however no artist/playwright/director can be part of more than one participating plays at BSPF. 9. Entry fee for each team is INR 1000 (Rupees one thousand). 10. Entry fee will be refunded to teams not making it to the finale and teams which get selected for finale will not receive the refund. 11. Screening will be held for all the participating teams on 30th of April and Ist of May 2022 at Prabhath Kalapoornima, NR Colony, Bengaluru. 12. Costumes and properties are not mandatory for screening.13. Only general lighting will be provided for screening and music can be used which should be handled by participating team. 14. Any team opting out after registration, entry fee will not be refunded. 15. 6-8 teams will be selected for BSPF 2022 finale. 16. Among the 6-8 teams selected for finale, if any team opts out under any circumstances next team in the screening score table will be provided opportunity to be part of finale. 17. Jury decision will be final. 18. Any team opting out after registration and before screening, entry fee shall not be refunded. 19. Jury panel will be different for screening and finale. 20. Festival directors and Technical director from BSPF team will have a discussion with director or representative of teams participating in the finale prior to the event. 21. Light design will be provided prior to finale. 22. Each team will be allotted time slot for technical run prior to finale and no change in the slot allotment is entertained. 23. Order of the performance for the finale event will be picked upon ties on 7th of May 2022 in presence of representatives from teams selected for finale. 24. Finale will be held on 15th of May 2022 at Prabhath KH Kalasoudha, Hanumanthanagara, Bengaluru.

For more details, contact: +91-9686869676 +91-9902590303 | bengalurushortplayfestival@ Hanu Ramasanjeeva Festival Director, Nandeesh Dev Festival Director, Manju Narayan Technical Director

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