Bombay Hemp Company celebrates their 1st year store anniversary on the occasion of World Cannabis Day

World Cannabis Day sets in new found light on BOHECO store on their 1st year anniversary celebration

Bengaluru: April 20, 2022: Bombay Hemp Company, a health and wellness start-up that makes its products from the Cannabis plant had their first year store anniversary in Indiranagar, Bengaluru on the occasion of World Cannabis Day. BOHECO was established in 2013 and since then it has been reimagining the future of Indian wellness and health quotient with Hemp as the lens. BOHECO endeavours to cater to the growing awareness and demand of hemp in various health and medical fields as a way of legitimising the plants beneficial properties. With hemp being legalised in various states across India, the scope of switching to hemp alternatives is an altogether different ballgame in the wellness industry today.

BOHECO’s line of products is vast and far-reaching in terms of skin care and hair-care, it is also constantly being utilized for various medical and cosmetic purposes. Through the dissolution of the traditional approach of utilising hemp for only recreational purposes, BOHECO aims at creating a new horizon of alternative treatments for mental health and physical ailments such as pain alleviation for moderate to major illnesses.

BOHECO has been walking hand in hand with Ayurvedic processes to attain the desired goal both in the cosmetic and wellness industry. At present, the start-up, which has seen a healthy increase in revenues for the past three years, where revenues have grown 3x year-on-year, is currently generating revenues in the range of Rs 1- 3 crore per annum. Future revenues are expected to continue on the robust path and scale further up in the next 24 – 36 months.

Being one of the premier hemp & cannabis brands of the country, Bombay Hemp Company is working constantly to add healthier offerings to its target audience.

At the helm of the organisation, Yash Kotak, CEO & Co Founder, BOHECO addressed the celebratory congregation with the following, “This 1st year store anniversary in Bengaluru on the auspicious occasion of World Cannabis Day is a step forward to brush out all negative perceptions that people held on to for decades. With the pandemic, more people are now opting for a healthy alternative in physical and mental health treatment options. BOHECO stands united to offer you just that with no side effects and guaranteed results .”

Managing Director – Danes Medical Solutions

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