Café Natural bats for Natural Ripening of Mangoes

ü Launches Know Your Mango series to build awareness and

ü Opens it with a tasting session and a sumptuous Mango Menu

28-4-20202, Bangalore: Café Natural the finest millet café in Bangalore since 2015 has been delivering nutrition with great taste with all foods that’s natural. Appalled by the chemically ripened fruits flooding the market, its set to build awareness for naturally ripened mangoes for their better health benefits, great taste and also help mango lovers discover newer variety and different taste of mangoes.

“Health benefits of fruits depend on how they are ripened. Natural ripening is a laborious long drawn and time consuming process that many traders are unwilling to practice. This reluctance creates a health hazard for the consumers who unwittingly are lured by their early presence in the market” says Mr Ramamurthy Founder, Owner of Café Natural.

Café Natural takes a step forward this year and launches a Know your Mango series, bringing new variety of mangoes to its customerslike Imam Pasand, Kesar& More. It is also helping them discover these often forgotten and much overlooked facts like Artificial ripened fruits rob the fruit of its taste and create health hazards and that these chemicals only change the colour and the fruit remains raw inside.

One another way to curb this chemical ripening is to promote all variety of mangoes thus extending the season for the mango lovers and reducing the wait for the much craved Alponsos. “Most people are unaware of the local specialities across India and some shop based on price factor seeking value for money and a few discerning one’s wait for the real Alphonsos: With costs shooting up and its quality diversified with many regional variants appearing in the market its time Indian consumers supported other variants to taste the mango season wholesomely.” He added

The Café too has a special mango menu: up for grabs is traditional royal rajamudi mango rice, Aampanna and other traditional picklefavourites like mango tokku, appi midi avakayyaand newer variants for cosmopolitan taste like sandwiches zero sugar milkshakes including the trademark jaggery sweets with mango variants like mango jaggeryburfi, mango cakes with no sugar and no maida and much more.

It has plans for a celebrity promoted series on mango stories and travelling awareness drive to schools and apartments to help diversify the taste of mangoes on your plate. The Mango Food Festival is on till June 2022.

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