Respected minister B C Nagesh sir,We expect you to maintain unity in diversity

Respected minister B C Nagesh sir, We expect you to maintain unity in diversity.Your statement saying Quran and Bible are religious and Gita as moral, is baseless. Just as how every religion teaches good moral values, so does their holy books too.

Do you know that in the court hall, before examining the evidences, the judge would ask the witness to give word that he would speak only the truth by placing his hand on the holy book of his religion. If the witness were to be Muslim the religious book will be the Quran, if he were to be a Christian, the holy book would be Holy Bible, similarly the religious book for a Hindu is Gita.

Let our children learn beautiful morals coming from all the sides. Don’t ever sow the seeds of hatred in the tender hearts….

A.Anil Antony and C. Maria Joseph….

City Today News


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