Pranay Patil launches his first book, ‘Burgundy Winters in Europe’

Bangalore, May 07, 2022: A young engineer turned social activist and author, Pranay Patil has launched his first book, Burgundy Winters in Europe. The event was inaugurated by Rajdeep Sardesai, prominent Journalist & Padma Shri Awardee and Pooja Bedi, Columnist & Wellness Entrepreneur. 

Burgundy Winters is a romance with strong themes of regret, mental health, and redemption. The book follows the story of Jace Tanner- a rockstar who has everything name, fame, and addiction that leads him to deep guilt and the clouds of regret shadowing his famed life.

The book deep dives in creating awareness about mental health. All of us make mistakes but not many get a second chance to make things right. It shows that how a fresh start can change lives. In the book, with the love and support of his sister Pearl, Jace Tanner enters rehab to make peace with his soul.

Talking about the idea of writing this book, Pranay Patil says, “I started writing this book during the first lockdown because I experienced an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. There were people I knew, people I took for granted, people that I loved, that were succumbing to the virus. Many that didn’t succumb to covid were struggling to have a meal a day. I tried helping by contributing food supplies, medicines etc but I felt that it was not enough. That’s when I decided to write the book and took a pledge that profits from Burgundy Winters in Europe, would go towards charity. The language of my book is very simple and the story is relatable. It is for people who feel a full spectrum of emotions. This book is for everyone who has known addiction, guilt, abuse and love.”

Guest of honour for the event, Rajdeep Sardesai, a prominent Journalist & Padma Shri Awardee, said, Pranay Patil’s exploration of human relationships through ‘Burgundy Winters in Europe’ reveals that how a well written book can bring to life personal journeys.Adding to this, Columnist & Wellness Entrepreneur, Pooja Bedi said, “I am a firm believer in second chances, letting go and forgiveness. This book is a journey we all are on in our ways. Shit happens to all of us. But how we respond that defines us and our journey of life.”

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