Protest of Christian Leaders on 11-05-2022 to arrest Pramod Muthalik under Goonda Act and to ban Sri Rama Sene

Initial level symbolic protest of Christian Leaders on 11-05-2022, Wednesday at the Freedom Park to press the state government to arrest Pramod Muthalik under Goonda Act and to ban Sri Rama Sene.

The baseless allegations against the Christian Community of Karnataka, the vandalizing of idols, the atrocities on the Christians to be enquired by a Retd. Justice or a high level committee, an appeal made by the President of Karnataka Christian Social Welfare Association Shri Harry D'Souza. Since Pre-Independence the Christian Community has served the country in the field of Education Health and social field Today's generation has forgotten all of those and for their selfish motive today are simply creating restlessness in the society. Our community has reached the remotest of the villages and have served the society in various other fields too. But today as we see there is lot of unrest and disturbance to the peace loving people of Christianity. There is a fear amongst the people. According to the records of the state government there are about 11,30 lakhs christians in the state. There were about 6.5% of population earlier. Today its 2.5%. There has been an allegation that conversion is done just by offering biriyani and money. In that case there should have been a minimum of 30 to 35 lakhs Christians in the state. Conversions happen legally and with proper documentation from the Government. We request the Government to kindly release all those documents. When there are no conversions held why should our community be simply blamed without proof?? To get attention and political mileage some of them are using this as their tool to grow. The Government instead of looking at the proper figures is ignoring this matter. Those people are using this to their benefit thinking the Government and system will not be able to do anything against them. There is an incident that troubles our people every day. There is a lot of difference between conversion and promotion of Christianity. Promoting religion is very personal. During Birthday Celebrations and Holy ceremonies these people make an illegal entry and claim that Conversion is being done. They take law in their hands and in certain places those people are literally dragged in to the police station and harassed. They file a case against them without proper reason. The police also with tied hands book these people under various sections. There are expensive items are found being missing, women are being harassed reports are just coming. Because of this our community people are afraid to file complaints against those people. There are lot of such cases increasing in the District of Dakshina Kannada, Coorg and Udupi. Some residents are leaving those places with their property being sold half the price. We request the Government to stop these kind of Goondaism and those who are disturbing the fabric of the society with such activities. They claim themselves as fack Hindu Rakshaks. Sri Pramod Muthalik and a few junior swamijis are making baseless allegations on the Christian Community. There is a feeling that the Government is promoting this kind of a situation. This is an elected Government. It should stand by the people who are undergoing so much of pressure due to these anti religious elements. The is lot of division amongst the people in terms of caste and religion. We call Leaders of the community based on the work that they have done for the people of their own community. They should have dedicatedly work for the upliftment of their people. They should have done some Services in their temples, Either cleaning repair them or white washing the temples. Or atleast to help the youth of their community with some training and help them stand on their own feet. When such people raise their voice against another community then there is some consideration. But these so called leaders contribution is ZERO. These people just focus is to disturb the peace in the society. These people not at all an example of a Hindu Community. There is no voice raised against the Christians towards conversions or anti social activity from the respected Swamijis, Senior Politicians or Freedom Fighters. We won't find any such allegations made against the Christians at all. We don't even find the Government taking action against the Christians. If the Government actually sees all the activities of Sri Rama Sena under the legal frame it has to bring a binding action against those so called Hindu Leaders and arrest them under goonda act. There should be peace and integrity in the society to lead a harmonious life. We request the State Government to look in to this matter seriously and see none of the community's are under threat religiously. This is a secular state and all of them have the right to practice and preach their religion. None of the individuals or criminals should not interfere in such acts in public and disturb the people of other communities. The Government has to take strict action against such people and bind them legally to have peace in our land.

Harry D’Souza
President. Prashant Agera organizing secretary , Dr Raje Joseph. joint Secretary,Bishop Davied , Nathan Daniel , Charles , Dr Ranji Joseph, Raghu Shalom were present on the press meet.

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