Usha’s high-tech Sewing Machines business winning big in Kerala, Karnataka, & AP

The company’s range of specialized fully automatic sewing machines has seen a huge surge in sales led by the southern states 

May 12, 2022 : Usha International, India’s leading consumer durables major and the pioneer in the sewing machine category in the country, clocked double-digit growth in fully automatic (white) sewing machines in FY 2021-22, with southern states like Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh leading the growth for the category. Commanding a 65% market share in the category currently, Usha has been at the helm of developing the market of white sewing machines in India.  

On closer analysis, the pandemic has prompted several artistic pursuits and quilting is one of the most popular activities, led by the southern states. The tradition of elders in the family designing quilts had an added layer during the pandemic – that of making masks and blankets to be donated. The company witnessed this surge in demand for sewing machines amidst the pandemic, and leveraged it further with strong marketing initiatives, direct consumer initiatives, and becoming a part of the rapidly growing DIY culture. 

Usha International is committed to introducing technologically superior sewing machines to cater to the evolving needs of the new-age consumers. As part of this ongoing effort to grow the Indian market the company recently renewed its contract for the next 20 years with Janome Corporation, Japan, the world’s largest, technology-driven sewing machine manufacturer. 

In fact, Usha International’s sewing machines business grew 12-15% last year, far ahead of the industry which saw a slow growth of 2-3%. The growth of the industry at large, paired with the growing DIY culture and resurgence of sewing as a creative hobby, has spurred growth for Usha International’s sewing machine business in India, enabling the company to outpace the industry. 

Commenting on the growth, Mr Parveen Kumarr Sahni, President, Sewing Machines Business, said, “We are committed to unlocking the true potential of the category by offering user-friendly sewing machines that are superior in technology. Our focus on experiential learning and creating a 360* eco-system is a big part of popularizing trends like DIY, skilling, and personalization that help us connect in a meaningful manner with our new-age shoppers. The recent partnership with Janome Corporation is a reiteration of our commitment to growing the category in India and scaling newer heights”.

If we look at the automatic sewing machine category, it has evolved really fast, and today sewing machines are state-of-the-art machines boasting high-end tech features that are user-friendly and allow for creative expression like never before, all-in-all culminating in a rich and enjoyable experience for consumers. To add value to the consumers’ journey, Usha has created a 360-degree eco-system to support and aid sewing enthusiasts in their journey into the world of learning and creating – investing in experiential marketing for building this category in India. This includes teaching, easy-to-follow content, post-sale demos, and service, as well as tutorials on the various features of the machine including how to use the foot accessories.

The growth potential of the sewing machine category in India is humongous. This increase can be attributed to the mounting demand for fabric by industrial and domestic end-users. Usha International aims to leverage this by further growing its fully automatic sewing machines business which is expected to double in the next decade or so.   

Usha Janome’s range of automatic sewing machines with Japanese technology has helped Usha go deeper and wider into the category, offering world-class machines equipped with remarkable and easy-to-use features that cater to both the needs and budget of all consumers. Usha’s range comprises Straight Stitch Machines, Industrial Machines, Automatic Zig Zag Machines, and Computerised Embroidery and Quilting Machines.

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