MOTHER’S DAY: Mega Walkathon to spread awareness on Breast Cancer & it’s screening By JCI Bangalore garden city

This Mother’s day, JCI Bangalore Garden city organised a mega walkathon to spread awareness on Breast Cancer & its Screening .

“It was an honour to have with us Health partner Ashu Shah, Cancer Foundation”, said JCI president Mr Abishek Jain. Dr Ashu shah, founder of Ashu shah cancer, Founder & Eminent philanthropist, not only Flagged off at JCI bangalore Garden city Breast cancer walkathon; but also completed her Walkathon with her Foundation Cancer Survivor, Mrs. Sheela Mehta, a breast cancer Survivor & with her team of doctors , Surgeons, Medical oncologist & other participants.
Dr Ashu shah said that, “Sheela Mehta, a breast cancer survivor, is an inspiration to many cancer survivors & truly a FIT INDIA ambassador, her courage is commendable .

While addressing the gathering she mentioned the word “survivor”, which implies a battle has been won, with no more challenges left to face.
One big source of anxiety is: Constantly wondering if the cancer is going to return. Because patients see their doctors a lot less often than they did during treatment, they can feel a lot of uncertainty about the future. For most patients, there will always be a thought in the back of their heads about recurrence. They feel an ache and wonder if it might be cancer.”

She said, ” I always recommend cancer survivors for Regular health check & balance diet post their onco treatment & to add any regular physical activity in whatever capacity possible. It speeds up the recovery, helps in regaining strength & endurance, and reduces anxiety, fatigue & most importantly lesser chances of Relapse”.

All we need to focus is on the preventive measures,
We are a young nation. Let’s together strive to make exercise : whether yoga, 40 minutes walk, running, meditation, a part of our routine.

Dr Ashu shah spoke that Breast cancer rates are growing steadily worldwide including India. It accounts for one third of all cancers of women (25 to 32%). It is estimated about 1.6 to 1.8 lac women are diagnosed with Breast cancer every year in India. The incidence of breast cancer in age groups less than 50 yrs has doubled as compared to 25 yrs ago along with an increase in mortality by 13% in the last 5 yrs. 50% patients presently in advanced stages.

She spoke about Why screening is important. Screening means to detect disease in early stages when there are no symptoms. This helps in early detection.
We generally recommend doing regular annual mammography and sonomammography for women above the age of 45 yrs. They should start earlier if positive family history is present. Also Self Breast examination to be performed every month.
Early detection of Breast cancer can reduce the cost of treatment, give better treatment outcome and survival with good quality of life.

Hence, this initiative from JCI Bangalore Garden City with Ashu Shah Cancer Foundation is a great initiative to empower women for breast cancer awareness and screening.

Ashu shah cancer Foundation members have distributed thousands of free Mammogram coupons among the participants, valid till one month. Participants are requested to take advantage of this initiative and reach us on
Landline- 918884703308
Mobile no- 8722219997 ,

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