Vanbros : Polished by Fine craftsmanship, a legacy firm built on exceptional construction, intricate details and aristocratic furnishings all set to mark their foray in Punjab 

Chandigarh, May 2022 : Standing colossally tall as a 70 year old legacy is Vanbros, a top-notch construction company that builds, designs and furnishes magnificently palatial residences and outstandingly premium commercial spaces while delivering the finest quality. With the brand all set to mark their finesse in the Punjab market, with a strive for perfection and commitment to the exceptional, Vanbros takes pride in reshaping luxury, crafted with the collaborative know-how of leading architects and designers from around the globe. The brand aims at a vision of bringing understated theatricality to life with the inculcation of maximised opulence inspires Vanbros to deliver projects that are synonymous with exclusive grandiosity in the Punjab region. The company offers designs that are premium and uber luxe furnishings that add the extra to ordinary with a balance of originality and imagination.

Backed by decades of unwavered industry-experience, Vanbros is equipped with signature expertise to develop and build a variety of styles of noteworthy projects from bespoke classical residential estates to contemporary homes and outstandingly premium commercial spaces.Additionally, the offerings of Vanbros also embrace signature doors and windows. The company takes pride in making superiorly fine wooden doors and windows for their discerned clientele.They offer engineered sustainable wooden Lift & Slide, Tilt & Turn windows that use premium imported hardwoods, best-in-class European Hardware and superior finishes that deliver exceptional elegance, and hence also offer unmatched functionality and usability.

Vanbros also yields door accessories such as speakeasy grills, hinge straps, door handles and hardware to further accent your entryway and add the luxe and style to your home with bespoke door designs.These designs are custom made with intricate detailing, well-thought design and outstanding execution to further elevate the ambiance of any and every space.An extensive amount of research and development goes behind the development of every piece of furniture, design or furnishings under the able guidance of well-equipped craftsmen and professionally skilled team members of Vanbros. From soothing colour palettes to adorned embellishments that stand out, Vanbros pieces up designs that can leave one in awe.

Each detail of any carving, joinery or design produced by Vanbros resonates with exquisite craftsmanship that they have established over the years. Vanbros effortlessly blends modern interpretations & eclectic visions with classic renditions, offering monumentally fine aspects of luxury for you to experience.

Vanbros as a company does not build spaces, but lifestyles. Lifestyles that give you a sense of belonging, an essence of grandiosity and offer delight in the way of living your life.

One such project is that of a residence built by Vanbros in the Greater Kailash area of New Delhi. This residence features cut-out spaces that incorporate nature into the residence along with free courtyard spaces that offer a break from the noisy hassles of city life.Additionally, the Colonial White House built by Vanbros stands unrivalled. Dressed in graceful whites and symmetric geometries, the Colonial White House features a Neoclassical aesthetic and is no less than a palatial dream. While residences are Vanbros’ strong suit, the company doesn’t shy away from premium commercial projects as well. For instance, The Mercedes-Benz showroom built by Vanbros signifies the ideal definition of excellently edgy and contemporary yet, classic designs. The brand has successfully accomplished larger than life and exemplary projects pan India, and yet, the quality that they commit to deliver remains unwavered.

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