Aacess Tough Doors takes pledge to protect environment by replacing wood with steel

Bengaluru , June 6th , 2022 : Aacess Tough Doors , the only dedicated manufacturer of steel doors in the country , today opened India’s first ever steel doors showroom in Bengaluru . The showroom , located near to Yelahanka Junction in the Garden City , was inaugurated . Mr.MdRafe , Chairman , Aacess Tough Doors , and Mr.Shariqh , CEO have participated . Aacess Tough Doors showcases more than 50 models of doors in addition to many windows designs .

To mark the occasion , promoters took a pledge to protect environment by saving 200,000 trees in next three years , by replacing wooden doors and windows with steel frames and shutters . Aacess Tough Doors manufactures wooden finished steel doors and supplies across the globe . Doors and windows manufactured using steel are sturdy and long – lasting , with no or low maintenance , weatherproof , scratch proof , more secured , easy to install with pre – fixed hardware and yet are not as expensive as wooden teak doors .

Commenting on the pledge , Mr.Sharigh , CEO , Aacess Tough Doors said , ” In India , each year 150,000 residential buildings are getting constructed for the past three years , and these require about 1,500,000 doors and windows per annum . At least two tree trunks are cut to manufacture each door , and one tree trunk is cut to manufacture a window . At this average , each year household needs lead to deforestation of about 2,500,000 trees every year . On this International Environment Day , we at Aacess Tough Doors launched #Savethe Trees campaign to protect our environment . ”

The Bengaluru showroom is launched in collaboration with Horizon Automations , which will function as the distributor for entire Karnataka region . Aacess Tough Doors aims to have huge dealer network across the country to supply about 100,000 units in the coming three years , which will replace the traditional wooden doors and windows with wooden finished steel doors that will save at least 200,000 trees .

Aacess Tough Doors has most advanced manufacturing facility with world class CNC machinery from Japan and wooden finish sublimation machinery from Europe . The company currently has a manufacturing capability of 150 doors and windows per day , which will be enhanced to 1000 doors and windows per day soon .

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