Revered Shri Balia during his tour of South India

Conferred recently with the prestigious Padmashri award by the Government of India , Shrimad Baba Balia has set out from the sacred Jagannath DhamPurion an all India tour from the 5th of June 2022 , carrying the message of universal brotherhood , camaraderie , social responsibilities , justice , peace , preserving environment and instilling family values . Yesterday eveningie , on 12th June , he reached Bengaluru , after visiting Vijayanagaram and Hyderabad . He is highly respected and admired for his commendable acts on various social causes , opposing superstition and blind traditions , social reforms , environmental activism and patriotism . Yesterday evening several hundreds of pravasiOdias , Kannada Saints and several organisations welcomed and felicitated Baba at the majestic Jagannath Temple near Agara junction here . Today through the media representatives at the Press Club of Bengaluru , revered Baliaji wishes to inform and enlighten all through his foresight He warns the people that the future of this earth is in danger today . Several ills and wrong practices like addiction , superstition , obstructing the widows from participating in social events & festivals , use of money and muscle power in politics , misusing and challenging democracy , environmental pollution , war , religious conflicts , border disputes et al have pushed this world towards destruction . In order to stop this beautiful earth getting destroyed , he has called upon the country’s intellectuals , youth and patriots to arise and awake . With the alarming occurrences of huge water scarcity , drastic climate change , unbalanced ecology , melting of the ice and glaciers in scorching sunshine , breaking out of unknown epidemic and pandemics , earth’s days seem to be numbered . Therefore , afforestation with massive plantations across the villages , towns and cities , need to be carried out on a war footing with sincerity . Attention should be given to the preservation and restoration of older forests with new plantation . Senior intellectuals should organise training camps and workshops for the common peopleimparting training on preserving environment with reformation and strengthening of democratic system and processes in the country . Because today’s common citizens are resorting to strikes in demands for their rights but forgetting and ignoring their duties and responsibilities for the country.Country becomes weaker if everything is provided to the people as this will make them lazy and unproductive . Labour , education and efforts are the keys to the development of the country . Country’s progress and peace will be adversely impacted unless consumption and addiction of drugs , tobacco and liquor is restrained and stopped . Patriotism will prevail and continue with the future generations by organising the recitation of national anthem at places and inclusion of the same in the study books . Complete abolition of weapons of mass destruction and reconciliation and resolving border dispute between countries across the world with the intervention of the UNO are mostly needed . Revered Baba informed that he has brought these to the notices of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and the country’s Ambassadors during his meetings and through letters at different times . The social reformer in Srimad Baba Balia opines that it is being observed that family disturbances and disputes are becoming obstacles in the social progress . An unstable and disturbed mind can never have a healthy thought or productive act . Hence , he has advised horoscope matching and blood matching of the bride and the groom prior to marriage to detect even diseases in advance thereby avoiding future mishaps and conflicts , between the couple . Ignoring the essentials of every faith , we have been blindly following mere traditions , rituals and becoming superstitious . In this process , we are ignoring our widowed family members from participating in marriages , sacred – thread ceremonies and other social acts and festivals . This is simply superstition , religious fundamentalism and a social blot . He clarifies and strongly states that involvement of widows in any auspicious works will never result in anything bad . They need to be brought to the mainstream . He reminds the people here that the history of Odisha and Karnataka is very old . He informed that today also Lord Shri Jagannath’s important part of costume ‘ Pata – dori ‘ is being brought from Karnataka . In remembrance of this tradition and relationship , revered Baba appealed to the people of both these States to strive for brotherhood and strong bonding . He prayed Lord Shri Jagannath for the wellbeing and happiness of all people and also for the world at large.Srimad Baba ends his message by reciting for the world peace .

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