● First Indian company in India to pioneer the use of LFP batteries in Electric Performance Motorcycles

* LFP – Proven to be better than current existing battery types such as NMC

* RORR granted safety certificate IP 67 for Battery * Consumer test rides begin Pan India , starting from Bengaluru on 2nd July

June 30 , 2022 , Bengaluru : Oben Electric’s first electric performance motorcycle- ‘ RORR ‘ becomes one of India’s safest electric two – wheelers available today . A Made – in – India offering , RORR is completely designed , developed , and manufactured in – house by veterans with over 25 years of combined experience in the EV domain . RORR is less engine and more engineering . Reaching an acceleration of 0-40 in just 3 seconds , a top speed of 100kmph , and 2hrs charging time , the electric motorcycle is fully charged and ready to roll on a 200 kms range ( IDC ) .

” We are glad to be at the forefront of pioneering the use of LFP batteries in our product offering for the Indian consumers . Their safety has been our top priority and with LFP , owners can keep all their worries at bay . Through our years of research and testing , we observed that only LFPs were best suited to meet the extreme tropical climates of India as of today , due to their tendency to withstand 30 % higher temperatures ” , said Ms. Madhumita Agrawal , Co Founder & CEO .

LFP or Lithium Ferro Phosphate is an advanced and robust type of battery chemistry that has been proven over time to be better than other existing battery types in the first – line gen of EV Batteries . These turn out to be far advantageous and extending not just during their usable life cycle in EVs but also in their end – of – life cycle , ex : for static applications such as UPS .

Mr. Dinkar Agrawal , Co – founder & COO added , ” We have taken the safety factor a notch higher by designing our LFP battery pack with our very own proprietary- MHX technology , which allows the heat to be evenly distributed across a larger surface area and ensures maximum heat exchange with the environment . Hence , keeping the battery pack cool as one rides RORR . Additionally , the battery pack’s outer casing is made of Aluminium diecast , which prevents the battery pack from explosions in case of any unusual incidents ” .

RORR is fitted with a 4.4 kWALFP battery . LFP lets RORR offer a better range and a longer life cycle . Also , RORR’s battery pack can charge at a faster pace viz . two times faster than other electric two – wheelers , under normal conditions .

Oben Electric’s ardent team of technical experts also ensured that RORR’s connected vehicle feature is continuously monitoring the health of the battery and the motorcycle . Therefore , even under the rarest possibility of a compromise ( after the above – mentioned safety factors ) , the rider shall be alerted instantly . who have Delhi , Jaipur ,

Test rides for RORR begin Pan India , starting with Bengaluru on 2nd July 2022 for consumers pre – booked RORR . Post Bengaluru , test rides will take place phase – wise across Ahmedabad , Surat , Mumbai , Pune , Hyderabad , and Chennai in Phase 1 .

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