‘Digital Aquarium’ at Nexus Shantiniketan Mall -an innovative marine themed set up for kids

‘Digital Aquarium’ at Nexus Shantiniketan Mall -an innovative marine themed set up for kids- Leveraging on the promise of ‘Har Din Kuchh Naya’ as part of its rebranding exercise, Nexus Malls is all set to roll out an array of unique activities to bring something new and personal every day to their consumers. In sync with this initiative, Nexus Shanitiniketan Mall has launched Digital Aquarium, a thoughtfully curated marine-themed set up for children which is not only fun but will also stimulate curiosity amongst them to discover marine life in a more fun-filled manner. In this never seen before set up, kids can draw any aquatic animal which then appears in a live animation on a VR screen.

The whole set up is ensured to boost the imagination and learning curve of the young minds while virtually transporting them to explore the underwater world. Children can also capture the display that showcases the illusion of live and floating sea animals in pictures and videos and share them on their own social feeds because at the end of the day “shared joy is a double joy”. The set up is currently live at Nexus Shantiniketan Mall, Bengaluru. So head out to Nexus Shantiniketan Mall if you want your young minds to come back home with a celestial experience.

Where: Nexus Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield Main Road Bengaluru When: Live and ongoing Phone: 9606008104

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