Social Beat’s Digital Leadership Summit 2022

Brands should focus on acquiring the right customer & leveraging high-quality leads
to stay relevant.

Bengaluru, 3rd August, 2022:
Social Beat, India’s fastest-growing independent digital marketing company, organized the 8th edition of their Digital Leadership Summit 2022 in the city today. Themed ‘Growth through Innovation’ the day-long summit saw deliberations by subject matter experts on how digital
marketing enables growth in both traditional as well as new age companies.
Some key topics discussed during the summit included driving profitable growth with Google and Meta, building from India for the world, bridging the gap between sales and marketing, using analytics to drive marketing decisions, driving D2C growth, channel-mix optimization, and the growth story of one of India’s largest trucking platforms.
Raghunandan G, Founder, Zolve said that role of marketing is very important for a business to grow.
According to him, marketing plays a bigger role in a business than any other operation of a company as there is no brand loyalty for consumers these days. He cited the example of web taxi services and food delivery platforms, where the customers will go to the app which gives the best deal at that

Mr. Raghunandan said that companies need to adapt to changes quickly as you can’t capitalize on a single innovation for long. According to him how a company leverages the market when their innovation is in demand makes or breaks the brand.
Ruchi Kohli, Head, Partner Management, Meta mentioned about how brands can drive profitable growth with Meta.
Anand Iyer, Manager, Google Customer Solutions spoke on driving profitability and scale with Google.
Other speakers at the summit included Sanjay Kumar Jariwal, CMO, Prestige Group; Manish Singh, Chief Product Officer, Blackbuck; Abhijeet Patil, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Upgrad Campus and Rahul Dutta, GM – Growth, Wingreens.

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