Pokémon GO Celebrates October Community Day With a Special Deepawali Event in Bengaluru

To commemorate October’s Community Day event, a monthly event in Pokémon GO, Niantic featured Litwick, the Candle Pokémon, with a special focus on the Deepawali celebrations in India. Trainers had the chance to meet a Shiny one and evolve Lampent, Litwick’s Evolution, into Chandelure during the event to get a Chandelure that knows the Charged Attack Poltergeist. This delightfully spooky Ghost-type attack made its Pokémon GO debut this Community Day. Throughout the event, which took place from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. local time, fans had the chance to get involved and register those evolutions.

With the growing focus on India market, Niantic is also running ‘The Festival of Lights’ event for its Trainers from October 14 to October 17. In addition, Niantic held a local event in Bengaluru for its India Trainers today to complement their Deepawali celebrations. With this, Niantic spreads a message to its Trainers to strengthen bonds with those around you—including Pokémon!

Commenting on the launch, Michael Steranka, Product Director, Pokémon GO Live Game at Niantic, Inc., “We’re excited for Trainers to experience the Festival of Lights event in Pokémon GO, which is timed to coincide with Deepawali! In this event, Trainers will encounter glowing Pokémon on the map and animated poses to celebrate the occasion. Last but not least, on October 15th, we concluded a Community Day featuring Litwick, with its shiny form debuting for the first time ever in Pokémon GO!

The Festival of Lights event is just the latest in our ongoing commitment to enhance the Pokémon GO experience for millions of Trainers in India. Earlier this year, we added 500,000 PokéStops to the country and launched a new feature called Daily Adventure Incense to improve playability no matter where you are. Stay tuned, though, because we have more exciting activities planned for India in the future!”
The Bengaluru event commenced at 2 p.m. with in-game bonuses, on the spot competitions and festive surprises. The event witnessed around 200 number of trainers.

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